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@Dstinct said:

Article from TCGPlayer

Some major changes are happening on the site.

Very positive change, imo.

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@Brass-Man said:

Genuine question for everyone in this thread, what do you, personally, use primers for, and what do you think other people use them for?

I want to get a handle on the problem you're trying to solve so I can figure out if there's an alternative approach

Mostly I use them to gauge whether I want to play that deck. I know that I can scour decklists just about anywhere, and mtgtop8 has plenty of Vintage lists, but there aren't many other places, if any at all, that will discuss specific card choices and interactions that I may not see immediately. It's also nice to get a perspective on where a deck fits in the metagame and how players are adapting their strategies and sideboards for different metas, which you also won't find just by looking at decklists.

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I'm just not sure what this card does that you can't do with any of the following, which already have tuned strategies built around them:

  • Mindslaver, likely in Grixis
  • Old Emrakul and Griselbrand in Oath, S+T, Reanimator
  • Marit Lage in Dark Depths combo

Want to control your opponent? Play Mindslaver. Want to cheat out game-ending fatties? Oath, S+T, and Reanimator will prefer Griselbrand and old Emrakul. Only care about the large and evasive body? Marit Lage does it in only one swing.

That said, sometimes deck strategies combine around new cards or just given enough time or the right meta (see Bomberman Oath). Maybe New Emrakul does 2 or more of the things on that list well enough that some things get combined? I'm not nearly a good enough deck builder to figure that out, though.

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@Naixin said:

@rcwraspy I've tried it but I'm not sure how I felt about a tutor that puts a card on the top of your deck. I have considered, and will probably try Mystical Tutor as well as Temporal Mastery. It seems cute but when it works, it works.

Gotcha. You mentioned Vampiric so I assumed the top of deck clause didn't much matter.

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@Naixin said:

I would actually consider fetchlands if splashing a color but so far, I found mono blue to be most consistent. I've tried UB to splash for Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor because of how good Time Walk is in this deck, so I tried tutoring for it. I've also tried UW for amazing SB options (Containment Priest, Kataki, Rest in Peace, etc), but it ended up just bein clunky.

If you've looked to splash just to tutor Time Walk (which I agree is great for this deck), I assume you've tried Mystical Tutor? Thoughts on that one? Just not enough potent instants/sorceries in case you drew both Mystical and Time Walk?

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@Topical_Island said:

@Naixin I like Merfolk too. Ever since Joel Lim won champs with them, I've been amazed at just how good they actually are. Cavern of Souls is an amazing card.

One question I've always had is, why the heck don't these lists run fetchlands? I mean, they do run Brainstorm and Ponder right? They do want to not draw lands on the last turn of games. They do want to play around potential Stripmines... are 3 fetches too much to ask? I'm really asking. Why is that the case?

I don't think all Merfolk lists run Brainstorm. I usually don't. Ponder has its own shuffle effect built in if you need it. The thinning aspect to fetches, especially at your suggested quantity of 3, is so minuscule that it's not worth it. So really that just leaves Strip Mine. Which is restricted, so unless you're unlucky enough to get locked in Strip/Crucible, it shouldn't be an issue.

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@Islandswamp said:

The thing that really just gets me mad is that these folks probably go to events with the sole purpose of stealing. I'm sure they walk around again and again looking for the perfect chance to snag something.

One tiny bit of comfort is that if someone is doing what you describe it's fairly easy to notice. IFF you're inclined to notice it. It's terrible that attending an event with collections like some posters on these boards have requires constant vigilance and at least a hint of paranoia, but it's still the case.

I hope they catch these guys and get everything back.