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@ChubbyRain What do you mean? Drops did well last night.

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@ChubbyRain What should I do to rectify this terrible situation? Should we rechristen her the SHOPS QUEEN?

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Week 6 decklists are up:

Andy Probasco (@Brass-Man, the wonderful owner of this website) on Enlightened Painter. Really cool deck and has a maindeck Rest in Peace!
Kevin Cron on Sai PO Storm
Erin Campbell (The Dredge Queen Shqueenge or @Oestrus) on what she calls "The Odd Couple" but regular people call Shredge or Drops.
Randy Buehler on PO Storm

Sounds like a lot of fun!

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@moorebrother1 I think that Vintage is not primarily a digital format. Yesterday in Berkeley we had multiple big names come out for Vintage for a grand total of 19 people! For us it was a lot, and I think there was and will continue to be a lot of enthusiasm and interest in the Vintage format in paper for as long as possible. While I agree that MTGO and paper Vintage have different meta's I think that people play what they want on both platforms. I think that the divergence in meta is a product of the target audience and primary users rather than a lack of innovation or whatnot.

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@ajfirecracker and @vaughnbros I am fairly certain that Mark's username for TMD is @womba , but I do not know if he is active on it.

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@ajfirecracker What about a Dismember and Death's Shadows in the deck? Could be a very quick clock and provides removal.

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@ChubbyRain I like the idea a lot 😉 ! I was wondering if 4 Bob was too much with such a small amount of library manipulation and so many 3 drop creatures. I was wondering how cohesive or consistent it felt and if you thought that it could get its game-plan online quick enough to be effective versus the field. I know that Hatebears tend to not have a great clock, but I like the fact that this deck can just grind ridiculously hard with Tracker and Knight while being incredible threats in of themselves. I cannot wait to see it in action!

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The fourth pod will play today at 9 PM Eastern (GMT -5).
This Pod consists of:
SaffronOlive on Esper Humans
Matt Sperling on UWR Control
Kevin Cron on Lavinia's Xerox
Andy Markiton on Pitch Dredge

Full decklists and matches can be found here:

See the matches on twitch at:

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@Brass-Man That is pretty cool. Thank you!