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Article by @AndreasPetersen breaking down his most recent Vintage Challenge Top 8 list and how he has adapted to the meta.

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So I know this card seem kind of unexciting and expensive, but I think it could be a great card in PO. I think the ability to turn any of your artifacts into blue sources is very very valuable as that is often your choke point. Additionally his ability to act as a mana sink and potentially dig a few cards deeper (for a large mana investment) could prove to be valuable in certain tight situations. I think his biggest weakness is the fact that he is a creature, and a legendary one, making him weak to Karakas and other creature removal. If you manage to make him stick a turn or two then I think he can be extremely powerful at helping you chain POs and find you more action.

Edit: Just realized potentially the most important and broken aspect of him overall, he makes your artifacts tap for mana through Null Rod effects!

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This seems like a very powerful option for non-blue Gx decks such as @ChubbyRain 's Jund deck, and for UGx Xerox decks.

This card seems great for the format because it does not actually give you card disadvantage, and it allows you to come back from a very prisony start for little to no cost. I like the fact that it makes you play green as it is not a very played secondary color (mostly a tertiary color) and I think this could very easily change that.

The fact that it is 2GG makes this card a bit less likely to be realistically hardcast and if you do then you are likely very far ahead anyway. In my opinion that does not really matter and this will be a very good SB card for many decks with some playing 1 or 2 main.

Also, this with Force of Negation seems to suggests a cycle of "force" pitch cards for each color, doing something that each color is known for.

As a Dredge mage I am very very excited for this Force cycle since so far both seem very powerful in a Dredge shell. Dredge lives off of free cards so the ability to have free counterspells against hate and free removal spells seems insanely attractive, additionally since both new Force cards are instants you can use Force of Negation to protect Force of Vigor. I am excited to see how Dredge changes with these new card.

So far I very excited and happy with the new set as it seems to provide very versatile but not overly powerful cards.

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It is tomorrow! I heard from a little bird that @CyrusCG might be there, and with all the bad weather we have been getting, he should have more than enough storm to kill us all ☺

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One week from yesterday, I hope to see a good amount of people!

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@JimTosetti Do you know roughly when you will be streaming tonight? I will try my best to check you out. Also if you decide to continue streaming you should contact @briba20 @IamActuallyLvL1 and @ChubbyRain about joining their streaming discord to help you get more viewers ☺ I am happy always happy to have more content so thank you!

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@rbartlet Awesome, I am excited to see you there!

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Just wanted to tag @Brass-Man since his list is the featured one in the article.

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Date: May 19th, 2019
Format: Vintage, 15 proxy cards allowed.
Location: Eudomonia - 2154 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704
Time: 12:00 PM
Cost: $25

I think I will be there! Let's get a good turnout, I really want to play some Vintage ☺

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Just wanted to let everybody know that I have updated the original post with pictures of all the updates linked to the appropriate archetype. Enjoy!