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The same to all, a Happy New Year and best of wishes to all!

Been a long time since I actually posted something here, as family and other pastimes take up a lot of energy. Also, I just play 93/94 now as vintage is non-existent in the Netherlands

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Hi everyone

I'm Hero 't Mannetje from The Netherlands. I've been playing since 1995 with a hiatus of about 1.5 years during Masques Block. I was already on BDominia and joined the old TMD right after it started.

Used to be part of the thriving Vintage scene over here, but as your life progresses, other things start taking up more time, started playing AD&D, pool & 3-cushion billiards and as I moved, got married and became father last year I just don't have a lot of time anymore to enjoy slinging cards.

Played in the unofficial T1 championship of Dutchieland last year and seem to have won it, but other than that I don't do a whole lot anymore than play the occasional Ancient (T1 up to/including Mirage) tourneys we have around here

I do try and play and lurk/read stuff on TMD to keep up with what's happening, but I don't think I played more then 30 games of Magic last year and I don't actively collect stuff anymore, just the cards I want to have for casual Commander