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I've been trying your Breach Oath build out on MTGO practice rooms and wanted to ask you a few questions.

How you combat other combo decks that are faster than you?

Your previous build used Vault/Key as a wincon. How is this version winning through zombie/pyromancer tokens or a few shops creatures?

Would you consider Saheeli (this was suggested to me on Twitter) to win the turn Titan enters play? Would this just make it the old Saheeli Titan Oath? Does Breach make that build stronger?

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@jimtosetti Is Preordain #3 better than a Ponder? Where are you on Mission Briefing after a few leagues? Thoughts on Spell Piece to combat PWs and adding more grudges main?

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What I find when I play Oath is the lack of consistency. While trying to assemble your two card combo, the deck is smashed by faster and more consistent decks (Shop, Xerox and PO). Is the solution running the full cantrip suite as well as Sylvan Librarys or Sensei's Divining Top?

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In my opinion, Oath is in a terrible place. The top decks (PO, Xerox, Shops) all out perform the deck in almost every facet. PO is faster, Xerox is more consistent in executing its game plan, Shops is to Aggro for the deck, in its current manifestation, to handle. As you are new to the format, I would suggest picking another archetype to start on.

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@smmenen said in London Mulligan Coming to MTGO:


I am and am not looking forward to this.

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@thecravenone I don't play Legacy so this didn't register. Yuck.

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From April 10 to May 1, the London Mulligan will be the mulligan used on Magic Online. This mulligan is part of an experiment run by Magic R&D in their never-ending efforts to improve the game we all know and love. This will apply to all formats, in all events and casual games.

As MTGO is the best and largest way to play classic formats like Legacy and Vintage, this test will provide a critical mass of data to help R&D make a final determination whether to adopt this mulligan for Magic as a whole. And importantly, it will allow Mythic Championship competitors to practice their Modern game under the same conditions that they'll face in London.


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I believe the thought behind Remora is that they are fine with is being missetepped, one less MM for their Ancestral. If it hits the table, great also. The only things they could be casting off Drain is Cruise or Dig which would not be in hand frequent enough to justify running the "easier" counter (leak, negate). What is weird is not running all 5 Moxen in a 3 Remora build and a fourth in the board.

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Remora is skewing the deck to more controlling, reactive. The Negate and Mana Leak are a trump for the MM wars.