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If you comibne this card with Cavern you get an uncounterable counter-spell.

The card seems playable to me.

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My Take:

Shops with 4x Golem was not over-powered (I won a P9 with 4 MM, 3 flusterstorm, 1 spell pierce maindeck). However Shops promoted pretty bad gameplay. So be it.

If Gush gets restricted tokens blue is still going to be very strong. The maximum artifact mana mentor decks are already good. If Gush gets restricted its easier to cut islands and run artifact mana. People could run things like Dark Confidant to make up for the loss of draw spells. BK ran a version of this deck in the VSL and its a strong deck.

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congrats @diophan for knocking me out of two of these in a row!


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I think they should cut the number of vintage dialy events. With less events per week it will be easier to get the events to fire.

Alternatively the community should pick 2 daily events and try to "promote" those. The 10pm friday one seems like a good pick. But we should also pick on earlier in the day. Maybe one of the early events on Saturday.

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I am pretty sure I would not do any better. However I was mostly reacting to this post by you.

"that's just how magic works . if 2 people on a similar level of skill play each other with decks that are 50+ cards identical, if those remaining cards aren't completely dominating the matchup, the guy with the better draw will win. sure, there's a difference between snuff out and swords to plowshares, cabal therapy and mentor. but at the end of the day that difference isn't all that much, especially if the identical cards are stuff like ancestral, time walk, lotus, moxes etc."

I don't agree with this claim. I maybe should have been clearer that is why I mentioned the clear misplays in the VSL. In the cases I cited people where not playing the same deck-lists. But I don't see why this is critical. If people lose to misplays in asymmetric mus I don't see why they wouldn't lose to misplays in symmetric mus.

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I agree many msiplays don't matter. But they often do. In addition to randy vs Efro there was also the Owen vs Kai match (Owen had a kill on board with Yawg will). We are now up to 2/45 regular season games decided on clear mistakes.

I personally find it likely that many more games were decided on less clear mistakes. But then its much harder to cite evidence, as people can dispute if the misplays would have mattered (or even if they were misplays).

I do however agree that luck is extremely important! This is magic lol.

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Also I don't want to insult people but a rather non-trivial number of games in the VSL have been decided by clear msiplays. For example when Randy played vs efro he lost 0-2. I am pretty sure Randy was favored to win 2-0 with better play. One game he missed hangerback for zero. The other game he didn't leave up mana to replay containment priest in case Efro had chain of vapor. The threat he played was not needed that turn. There is also that Owen game but owen is not actually a VSL member.

Of course only a small number of matches have been decided by clear unambiguous misplays. But there are only 45 regular season VSL games per season. And every regular season there are several clear, match deciding mistakes. I am sure there are many matches were decided by less clear misplays.

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Last Week's VSL had alot of very interesting games. Especially the LSV/Efro set! (week 😎

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Gush might get restricted in two weeks. So now is arguably a bad time to write a primer for many decks.

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There is a reason I only play on mtgo.