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I'm already in the group and we have some decent players in there. If you enjoy playing competitive Vintage and the official daily structure is not working out for you, I'd suggest you to try out this new project. We are excited to see what we can do, there are lots of possibilities, but it depends on people, as always.

The times of matches would be organized by players themselves with 1 week time window (from Sunday to Sunday) so you can arrange the matches to fit both players eventually.

I'm pretty sure we can make it so that there is no requirement to have a Facebook account to participate in this (I myself understand not everyone likes it). We went with Facebook since it was the easiest way to get started. Also, since there is a big leeway for players to arrange their matches, being in a different time zone should not be that much of an issues as it currently is with the official daily system on MTGO.


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Alright, thanks. I'm not doing this anymore since I realized people are indeed taking it very offensively. Unless we have a friendly chat during the game, or we know each other and such.

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I just wanted to make a small survey among online players, because I've found this pretty interesting.

Within last few months it happened to me here and there that my opponent showed me their hand after I conceded (I'm talking mostly about MTGO here ). It didn't really bother me so I tried to do this few times in dailies or in 1 vs. 1. To my big surprise, most people were offended pretty heavily by this (commenting like "oh yeah, take a look, I also play cards..." or worse).

My guess is that it's very individual and depends a lot on the other player, his character, if we know each other and such. Probably when people take the match too seriously or something is on the line, it's a bit provoking? I think I know where the anger is coming from. Sometimes it is really hard to take a loss after very close fight. On the other hand I really enjoy chatting a bit with my opponent (if he/she is willing) after an important match, I find it really calming (from both sides).

So my question is, do you find it offensive when your opponent shows you his/her hand after you conceded?

Thanks for answers,


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Thanks for the answers and your effort guys. I'm aware there was a working piece of code that would let you do that. I ran into 404 as well searching for it. However, my biggest issue here would be the concern whether or not is it legal to use 3rd party software.

If you get a response from the guy who made the soft for the automated loop, please let me know, maybe we could come up with something.

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I understand the reasons and the difficulty of implementing some sophisticated and automated mechanism to execute infinite loops on MTGO. I accepted that this is probably not going to happen and so I started learning how to execute some combos (mainly the Salvagers + Lotus) as fast as I could to have a decent chance in tournaments not to get timed-out by opponents without sportsmanships.

I've an idea which I think might be relatively easy to implement by Wizards and which would help at least a bit to execute some combos (mainly the Salvagers + Lotus combo, which I think is very good in an Oath shell). If you hold down "M" key while sacrificing Black Lotus, you'll get automatically white mana. When you try to put it back to your hand with Salvagers, it asks which mana to spend and also when you cast a Pyrite Spellbomb, it asks what mana to spend on it. This is where the most time of executing the whole loop is spent, because you have to move your cursor to click the floating mana and then go back to your hand to continue. Would it be possible to perhaps add a hotkey (or better an option), which would let me spend any mana avaiable (lets say the color of which the highest amout is floating, or even better let me choose for the 1st time) to perform some action, assuming there are matching colors and sufficient amount of mana floating to peform this action (in this case - 1W)?

I believe it requires around 30x W floating and 10x R floating to get your opponent down from 20 to 0. It takes around 5 minutes, depending on how fast you can execute it. I think my suggestion could take it down to like 2-3 minutes, greatly increasing the chance to not get timed out. I know this is far from the ideal, but it's still better then nothing.

As far as I know, there is no option like that (let me know if there is please, I might be missing something).

Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think. I'll try to propose the change to Wizards if my suggestion doesn't turn out to be a complete nonsense (which is why I'm posting here).

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Congrats Collector! Impressive performance from the Eldrazi, didn't see that comming!

I had the worst run in the long time, dropping at 0-3. 1st match my opponent had Lotus/Necro in g1 and 1st turn Kill in g2. 2nd match, my opponent had 2x Library. 3rd match, my opponent had 1st turn Abrupt Decay for my Oath/Orchard/Mox. I feel like jumping on the bandwagon instead of trying to do my own thing.

I'm so sad that Salvagers are still not playable online. 😞