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@bscheidemann I used to run metamorph here and there, was great as another way of dealing with robots and oath critters, or just to make another hasty fat man for a finisher. Never cut revoker though.

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@brass-man this is why I sold/traded all my Arabian cities in the mid late 90s ad now have no Swedish legal copies.

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Similar thing happened in the UK a few years ago. Even though TO moved to a non shop venue, threat was made to pull status, so popular event series died aborning.

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@joshuabrooks said in [RIX] Immortal Sun:

@protoaddct said in [RIX] Immortal Sun:

I don't know if it will make it in vintage but I do know Commander players are going to be scooping up foil copies of this at an alarming rate.

This might be my first foreign card that I'll keep! "O Sol Imortal" just has a really powerful ring to it. Especially if announced to the tune of "O Sole Mio."

Beat me to it!

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Seems like it's been around so much longer, which says a lot about the quality of the output.

Hope to see a similar post for five years...

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Supposed to be with effect from Ixilan.

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@yugular I'm sure people would like to play freeform old school, but without chaos orb and a number of other relatively common cards being unavailable, it wouldn't quite be the same. Can usually get a Skype game when you want one.

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Couple of recent amusements:

Round one of tourny playing leyline para belcher. Lose die roll, opponent plays. I start with leyline in play, probe to discover he's playing shops, kill him in his upkeep.

Oldschool tourney playing twiddle vault. Have done mirror universe exchange to put opponent on 2, but time is called. I spend 4 turns looking for fireball with no joy. 5th turn still no fireball. Am about to regrowth for twist or wheel after a wheel and notice I have 2 twiddles in hand. Normally you'd just keep chaining turns, but this was the last turn. Tap your city of brass with twiddle. Untap your city with twiddle. Regrowth twiddle (cue swearing.)

Again playing twiddle vault, playing against green aggro in game 2. He unexpectedly brought in a crypt and removed my fireball plus some less relevant stuff from the game. I get to chain turns and have sink backup, but need a plan b, as he has no cities to tap and the fireball is the only spell that deals damage. Mirror opponent down to 8, let him have a turn. Gain control of ghazban ogre, he goes for the near alpha strike (he wisely keeps a factory back so I can't just swing back repeatedly with ghaz. I cast fog. I untap vault as Garfield intended and let him have another turn, this upkeep he has to give my ghazban forest walk from the ernham - he sees the problem and goes full alpha with berzerks for lethal. Except I'm holding another fog. Proceed to take 4 more turns, beating him up with the ghazban ftw.

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Ah, Remora. Only downside is vulnerabilty to a certain phyrexian mana counter.

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Does the fish do no work in this turbo xerox land of cheap cantrips?