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@brass-man said in MTGO 2020:

I think the majority of active TMD posters (myself included) are _ex_paper players. People who used to go to tournaments regularly and for whatever reason no longer can, who drop by now and then to brainstorm some new spoiled card just to exercise their Vintage muscles. Then we recede back into our neighborhoods where there just aren't any paper Vintage tournaments to go to anymore.

This perfectly describes me. I don't think I've played in an MtG tournament since 2004, and these days I only play once in a while with my 10-year-old with stuff from the common bin that catches his attention. However, I've been checking TMD almost daily since close to when it was founded in 2002, and especially love to check in when there's new cards being spoiled or something cool going on like Vintage Super League. For about a week each year I'll get the itch and pick up Cockatrice and wreck some people online... but that's about it. That all said, I love this site and I am really grateful that you've kept it alive. Maybe I'm crotchety, but I don't really like Discord, and like seeing what the old timers on TMD are up to.

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Artifact lands? All land belcher, here we go.

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I just returned after about a 10 year hiatus from MTG. I'm on as Pizzatog, and only play vintage and EDH.

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What I loved about both self-commentaries was that both were always thinking "what is the best line" and, when luck wasn't on their side, the reaction wasn't "damn, they got lucky" or anything like that, but always "what could I have done to win that?" That's where you can appreciate just how good these guys are. Really, I loved the self-commentaries, although I understand how it could throw off your concentration.

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Could Tyrant Oath have a better game in this meta? Seems like the additional countermagic, coupled with the ability to clear the board when Tyrant comes down would both be positives.