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You guys are impossible......he just went seriously into depth about how 1 single card can't possibly replace it and do all that it does. Just because your deck is singleton doesn't mean it can play ANY 60 cards

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@chubbyrain1 cool, good responses. Yeah, I got that, but also similar to Vault decks you aren't totally reliant on Uro+Gush, which is good, and also why I would consider Uro #3 a threat not a combo piece. Sometimes he will just take over. I suppose you have more hard mana than most that casting 4-5 mana forces is actually rather easy as well, and I wasn't considering the hard cast even if you cant find a 2nd green card.

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@protoaddict true-name seems really, really bad for this deck. It isn't really interested in life totals, and sounds like it has all day to kill when it is working, which allows you time to set up the appropriate circumstances to avoid removal. I imagine a 3rd Uro or Brazen Borrower would be among the best options for an extra threat, or a Snapcaster (though it doesn't seem like he feels there is a need anyway).

@chubbyrain1 Loving the Misdirection, do you ever feel you want a 2nd? Is 12 green-count postboard enough for 3 Force of Vigor? And if not would the 3rd Nature's Claim be better/more reliable than the 3rd Force?

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I would imagine that deciding to play this card vs. Beast Within/Generous Gift comes down to how good your Bazaar matchup is

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@desolutionist Yeah, you reminded me the other day of how much more I enjoyed the consistency of 4x Brainstorm vintage. I know that's not true for everyone though.

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Ouch, swing and a miss in my eyes. I was looking forward to playing Lurrus without companion, really cool card.

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@protoaddict said in [B&R Announcement - May 18, 2020]

What is the draw to the format if not for the restricted cards and the small subset that are not restricted here but banned in legacy? Remove those from the equation and the format is very close to just being legacy. You can't not have a restricted list and still have lotus, moxen, ancestral, etc not be banned, and if you ban them here they are officially unplayable everywhere. The whole point of the format is to be able to play cards you cannot play elsewhere.

You would still be able to play your power if they change the rules. If you are playing in paper, Vintage is about as sanctioned as Old School. Just do what you want, woo!

I feel like the best draw to a format would be a fun format, dunno how best to accomplish that, but I'm also not gonna expect Wizards to put a lot of effort into fixing a format they don't really think about. To say the rules can never change is very constraining to our common goal in having fun playing Magic, and it kinda surprises me that the Vintage B&R isn't community driven already. I feel like Wizards might embrace that change, they at least wouldn't have to hear us complain all day, and Vintage is moving further and further from their ability to contain without a mindful eye.

By the way, I'm not advocating to ban any cards, just suggesting to ban the companion mechanic. I almost love the design, and think they should try again with something similar but -1 card.

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@protoaddict said in B&R Announcement - May 18, 2020:

The format NEEDS a restricted list and NEEDS to not have power level bans, because it is bluntly critical to the nature of the format, it just needs a better method and no matter what it's going to create a shake up to the format as we know it.

Is there a reason that you are so adamant about this?

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@desolutionist cool! I really like the design space and think there would be a ton of potential for innovation and diversity, I think its just a shame that they are +1 card.

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@desolutionist just curious, is this because of companion or because of Lurrus?