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@blindtherapy My main point for shooting this out there and gathering feed back to prep this the right way is to avoid small turn outs my goal is 16 - 24 players. I would be more than happy to payout top 8 but that totally depends on entry fee. If i can get great turn outs for 2-4 events and grow the community's interest than we can step it up the fee's . but I cant see charging more than $30 for entry fee at this point when i havent proven to the players that my tournaments are worth it. Like I said it totaly depends on the turn out but , my thought :

1st $200-$250
2nd $100-$150
3rd and 4th returned entry fee or maybe even + $10-$20 more.

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Thanks for replying, I will keep everyone updated (when and where) i don't wanna rush this trying to build up a decent group for a great turn out.

My thoughts (feel free to add your opinion)
Proxies ok

3 rounds top 8
Cash prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Entry fee ?

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Looking to host 2-4 regular proxy vintage tournaments a year and possibly 1 large event a year . Interested in feed back , who would be interested and so on.
I have hosted over 100 sanctioned events and 2 Con's (but this was over 15 years ago) I had stepped away from the game for a while . Got back into magic over a year ago, Many old friends have started playing again , looking to see who's interested.

I might still hold the record for the biggest type 1 tournament in IL