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If you're trying to sideboard into Thespians' Stage/Dark Depths, would City of Traitors be better than Workshop? Granted, you don't get to cast 3Ball off of 1 City, but it casts the other 10 lock cards and activates Stage.

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I can't imagine that Creeping Chill is where you want to be because its best case scenario is bolting your opponent's face once. If you want spice, I can instead suggest:

  1. Noxious Revival: I love this card, and it's quite good both in the maindeck, because you can play sick tricks alongside Bazaar, as well as the sideboard, where it can help you beat wastelands, surgical, and cage (by recycling anti-hate)
  2. Dread Return: This is a good option to beat Oath and otherwise accelerate your clock. I always played it with 1 wispmare and 1 ingot chewer, but aggressive targets wortk too.
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@ssasala Fading is a really inelegant mechanic, but I guess they have modular too.

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