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Vintage has been my new preferred format on MODO since Xmas. Still Learning but my passion is building and brewing. I live in a remote area that barely has internet so the only way i can enjoy magic is online. I started playing during the Black Summer when i was a kid, took a 10 year hiatus and now im back.

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@DrStreetmention u cant lol, was just my attempt at dramatic exageration! (hence the smiley) but thanx for reading!

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I think people are going about this problem all wrong. The Deck is resistant to most strategies people normally use to deal with creatures. To me, the only spot removal you should use is plow/dismember. If it doens't at least kill a thought-knot, its no good . Counters are useless most of the time cause Cavern. Misstep, Mana Drain, FoW and Fluster are just plain dead. With that in mind me and my friend both decided we needed a totally different way to try and deal with them. We though about hand disruption (cabal therapy, thoughseize etc) to kill the things your current hand cant deal with. The 2nd option is attacking the specialized mana-base they use either with wasteland/strip/ghost quarter or Bloodmoon/Magus of the Moon/Back to Basics. The 3rd and final thing we came up with was using Prison effects (blind obedience/kismet/frozen Aether) to slow them down and give us extra turns to find answers if they do manage to play their threats. Then i also realized that propaganda/ghostly prison would be awesome since they cant use the double mana u get from eye of ugin/eldrazi temples to pay to attack.

We made 2 different decks which would incorporate a mix of these 3 ideas. The one i made myself is W+U+B and uses prison cards to just stall the game till i combo out with something like tinker/robot for example. For the Haste, ive got blind obedience, which has the added extort option, but really slows them down when u get it on the play, Balance seems like its a must vs this deck, but its situational and restricted so you cant really depend on it, which is why im running multiple tutors. I also like a hurkyl in there to deal with most of their sphere/negation effects, and gives you a window of opportunity to combo out. Im also running a slight amount of land destruction with sinkhole and wasteland/strip/ghost quarter to attack whatever land they play. My creature suite is what im not totally sure on yet. Running snapcasters, to recycle the plows or sinkholes or the blue power. The idea @Brass-Man suggested to Rich during stream this week was using baleful strix, and ive found it to be exceptional vs most creatures, except the smashers, although they are weak to endbringer so u gotta make sure u play around it sometimes. I've also experimented with containment priest + Eldrazi Displacer / Banisher Priest but that plan seems sometimes shaky since they run displacer too and can use the perma banish against me. Reflector Mages can also buy you a precious turn and still have value as chumps. The displacers are also really good at bouncing your own stuff like snapcasters / reflector mages or anything else with a come into play effect if you dont have the Containment Priest in play. I've hit unlimited turns bouncing a snapcaster with the displacer naming time walk. Ancestral / Demonic tutor are also good candidates for a flashback or 5 😃

So anyways, i live in northern canada and cant attend the NYSE , therefore i decided id share some of the information ive collected, maybe this will help someone with last minute preparations. I'm hoping a few of you guys out there break away from the mold and try some of these less orthodox methods, because with the testing ive done it looks promising. IF you do, please contact me and let me know how thing performed for you.

Good Luck All!

PS: This deck strat is also strong vs dredge and oath. I didnt want to develop a simple hate deck. I wanted something that has at least even position with other archetypes, cause lets face it, you're prolly not gonna be playing eldrazi in EVERY game.

PPS: IF this deck totally fails, im working on a 2nd setup using bloodmoons, so there might still be hope!

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ive been working on the eldrazi problem for a week or so now and i find that path and dismember are the best spot removal. Im also experimenting with propaganda/ghostly prison. Im also considering blind obedience to stop the haste and for some reach damage.

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@Thermia I've been playing magic forever but only about 6months into vintage. I have 0 people to play with IRL, so i could not do something like @Topical_Island suggests. I dove in right away and built a Storm Deck, since i was the cheapest (650ish tix) of the archetypes that interested me. Dredge would have been way cheaper, but i had no clue how to pilot the damn thing. I also had very little insight on the metagame and most of the newer cards, so storm was easy to understand.

To learn the format, i watch all the VSL episodes online, and i spend alot of time getting run over in the tournament practice room on MTGO. I read all the newest vintage articles published around the web everyweek. I also find alot of knowledge in watching vintage streamers like Rich Shay (@The Atog Lord) for example. These boards are also full of relevent info on the meta and what to consider when putting together your Sideboard.

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@letseeker looks like you got enough tutors/draw, u can snapcaster one back, and to me those 2 are the least effective cause they are selective tutors. If you absolutely want those then i'm thinkin it has to be a sylvan, that's what i would try first anyways.

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id cut one misstep and hmmm maybe mystical tutor/merchant scroll?

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i like trinket mage in my list ( for fishing chalice or fixing with the right mox), reflector mage (at the suggestion of @wappla) is doing very good work . Grand Abolisher seems like it should deserve a spot too. Call me crazy but i also run a 1 of Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. Dropping him T1 has won me a couple games, so he stays for now. It should also be noted i'm only running 3 Colors (WRU).

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my favorite was the doomsday with less than 5 mins on the clock that smenen pulled! Its great to watch the master at work and to get that notepad insight!

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I saw my first magic cards during Xmas 1994 when my cousins came over for the holidays. I live in northern Canada so we spend alot of time indoors during winter and after they taugh me how to play wasn't long i got them to buy/send me cards in the mail, since the nearest place i could buy them myself was about a 4 hour drive away. I played with my brother and a few friends all winter and spring, then came the black summer. Through some miracle we convinced my mom to drive us to that card shop 4 hours away for a little tournament. I played a BW discard deck. Most fun i ever had in my life.

Once i got to the end of high school(2000-1), i moved from my small remote community to Ottawa. At first, i was blown away, there was a damn card shop inside my University! I was in heaven, but with school and everything it wasnt long that i lost time/interest in playing, My younger brother took control of our combined collection, and at some point they got stolen during a house party. I was so bummed (i had stuff from Revised to Masques Block in that huge collection) that i forgot about magic till about a year ago.

I used to play magic on MIRC in #apprentice alot for the simple reason that my location made it impossible for me to find RL opponents. To this day im still in the same place. When i found out about MTGO, i knew that i had found the solution for my problems. I proceeded to get into Theros just as Ravnica block was rotating out and played Standard online till Origins. Being an older player i checked the prices of power every now and then cause lets face it, i was gonna play with those damn op cards at least once before i died. When my Standard collection was valuable enough, i liquidated almost everything i had and was FINALLY able to pilot a REAL (digital) VINTAGE DECK!

Here i am almost 6 months playing real Vintage and i realize, switching formats was the best magic decision i ever made. Once u have the staple blue/artifact things, i think it ends up being cheaper in the long run cause screw the cash grab that is standard rotation. So after reading TMD randomly for the last decade, here i am. I plan on getting involved as much as i can in the community, cause lets face it, most everyone i've interacted with has been welcoming/helpful/understanding compared to the bunch of kids that terrorize standard. Watching VSL and random twitch streams i also feel like i'm really getting to know some of the important vintage people. The fact that i've msg'd a few of the guys on mtgo with questions and they actually answer, instead of poker pros for example, who are too "good" to respond, is just icing on the cake.

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Im in the same boat, i switched from standard to vintage around xmas when i realised my dromoka deck was almost worth the same as a budget (lol?) vintage deck so i took the chance and been building my vintage pool slowly since then. I haven't tried any dailies yet but i was also looking around for some sort of vintage league, to learn the ins and outs of the format. Watching VSL im learning tons, but id like more practice actually playing, above and beyond casual MODO games without throwing my money away. Someone start a vintage noob league and invite meh!