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I totally agree with you about your vision of vintage in EU.
US is definetly the place to go if we, Europeans, want to have a vintage blast. The florishing time of European Vintage is a thing of the past, and I don't know how it could be undone.

I believe the local scene is the first step to go for a "revival". I live on a remote french (volcanic and tropical) island in the middle of Indian ocean. When I came back there, 4 years ago, there had not been vintage events for years!! Still some beacon remained alight and we fought to create a thus small but devoted comunity. Now some of us try to travel to a "big" event every year.

Some friends told me that Vintage around Paris had been almost "dead" for months (in terms of tournaments). I know that a group still shuffle old staples in the south but not much in France, as far as I know !(

I am really glad to see that people like you around EU try to keep it alive. I somehow know how much work it takes ..

By the way, I will sure consider going to Tuscany (and NW ) one day, and I will spread the word to my wizard friends !)


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Sorry for the belated feedback but I'm reading this thread for the very first time. As me and my teammates (including fran├žois f) are living really far away from Europe, attending to multiple events in the year is just undoable (12 hrs flights to Paris).. We try to aim at the biggest event in the year (though it's been disappointing to me) and send some players. We really can't do much better.
Still I'm very delighted to see there still some Vintage lights burning in Europe. Those days have been sad for European Vintage and trying to recreate a dynamic is a really good thing !)

By the way, is there a European vintage site that is commonly used by European players? If not, there should be one where the events, dates and locations could be posted and "gathered"!) It would thus attract random wizard travellers or encourage teams to venture into a trip..

I truly encourage you to keep up with the good work,
looking forward seeing you at a vintage event to come.

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Yeah, Fly safe everyone and Hope We'll meet in Paris for the showdown !!!