@neo_altoid said in Bad store in the community:

also, not 100% this is the right forum.

I think, perhaps, identifying places where members of our community may be unwelcome and unsafe, and identifying which stores support us and which actively harm us, is perhaps the best possible use for the Community subforum.

@khahan said in Bad store in the community:

I wouldn't go spreading that around unless I knew for a fact that the store did it. ... Honestly, this is a very irresponsible post.

I totally get where you're coming from here. It's very easy for this sort of thing to become a witch hunt - and if the initial post had stood on its own, it could have absolutely been a good shop with one asshole kid and a sharpie.

Luckily I think the TMD community as a whole is rational enough to dig a littler deeper before getting out the torches, and in this particular case it didn't take much digging to figure out that this was an actual witch worth hunting.