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Have you considered moving date in light of GP LA that same weekend?

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@tittliewinks22 Very good point, I like that much better!

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@gkraigher Unless the P.O. is countered. Potentially high risk for the P.O. player if this found any purchase in a blue shell.

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Triple sleeved in my only vintage deck.

KMC Perfect Hards, KMC Black Matte, and KMC Full Size Hyper Matte Clear sleeves.

Figure keeping them in a fairly tight deck box with no foils should keep them from bending or curling...

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@brass-man I know there is the "Stitcher" App - it's referenced at the end of some of the podcasts I listen to (e.g., "Find this podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever else you find your podcasts"), but I'm not sure if there's a separate submission/aggregation process for that app.

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Best solution may be to record each side of the call client-side and then synthesize the audio.

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@wfain Is watching PO go off particularly different from losing to other combo decks? It feels like most such decks have a couple of relatively quiet turns before one long, game-winning one (e.g., storm in modern).

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@fsecco It's cheaper under Thorn?
But also, yes.

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@ten-ten It won't happen until maybe it does happen. It's open design space. Literally the first thing they did upon abolishing the planewalker uniqueness rule is to create a planeswalker that can duplicate himself. At some point, it's likely that they will create a low-power planeswalker that has no legendary subtype at all. "All" means "all" only when it doesn't mean "all except for one or two," but Wizards often means the latter.