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... but what is with this weird self-referential humour WotC is going for with this new set?

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I've tested this card over the last few weeks and it certainly has some appeal over the Snapcaster and JVP.

In respect to Snapcaster, it has a much stronger Shops matchup - by allowing a JVP-recurrence of Shattering Spree, and in respect to JVP it cannot be Revokered.

The 1/3 body also makes it much more difficult to remove by Ballista.

What it does allow is a potential move away from RUg into Jeskai or Grixis by reducing the need for Ancient Grudge maindeck. Furthermore, Sylvan Library seems to have lost much luster with printing of Narset which both hoses it in a head to head draw engine scenario and also potentially gives the Narset player a better selection of cards.

I expect to see a shift back towards Jeskai with sured up Shops matchup.

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@fsecco Gaea's Blessing has been played extensively before to mitigate this problem.

I am aware that in a hypothetical scenario you might see both Blessing and a creature and have to bottom both.

I personally take those chances.

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@protoaddict if you read my post carefully you'll notice it's a question not a statement.

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I can appreciate the power of a 0 mana counter spell, but how many decks (aside from perhaps Standstill) want FoW 4-8?

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@pugsuperstar the new narset is great in oath as it allows a pseudo dig through time effect whilst slowing Xerox cantrips. You can refer to the narset thread for specific discussion to its benefits.

Potentially it can also diminish the need for playing B and demonic tutor making the mana base a strict RUG.

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@chubbyrain I think she further cements the blue/brown dichotomy within vintage in the business as usual post London mulligan meta. Blue cannibalises blue whilst brown (with Karn) cannibalises brown. Of course the secondary effects have impact yet Karn requires a sideboard strategy above the norm.

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I am really enjoying this new type of PW that cannot + in order to get out of dmg range. It adds a level of counter management the previous iterations did not.

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Hey Chubby,

this card provides for so many interesting interactions between cards that perhaps a list is required.

  1. (as above) Mind's Desire let's you see 'between' the shuffles. Thus you shuffle, exile the top card, then unlike without Bolas' you look at the top card and can play it before the next storm resolves, as long as it is an instant/flash.

  2. A sensei's divining top in play means you can draw any unwanted cards from the top of the library for 1 life. So in theory every land or unplayable/wanted card is a -1 for the next one.

  3. Slow tutors (vampiric-, mystical- tutors and imperial seal) become a 'fast' tutor in certain circumstances.

Lastly, there is a lot of opportunity to brew a non-DPS list, such as Doomsday where a contemporary Doomsday stack could look like:

  1. Sensei in play + artifact
  2. Doomsday - 9life (or ...)
    *[stack: tinker, bolas', + 2 cards (preordain?) and lab man/new jace
  3. tinker for bolas
  4. preordain -1, lab man/jace -3/-4, preordain -1.

Win @ 4 life.

There are also many other options (gush, ancestral etc.)