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Manadrain please don't ever change

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@joshuabrooks I think that any theory craft in the field of potential format design is terrific.

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@vaughnbros we are in agreement

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@vaughnbros is it really realistic to think that this deck, which as far as I can tell still requires an un-disrupted three card combo, can win on turn 3 let alone 2 consistently.

Decks like DPS used to consistently win within that range and play draw 7s, tutors, necro/bargain and so forth.

I think expectations should be tempered to thinking of this deck as an aggro deck with a potential combo finish undisrupted, then a consistent turn 2/3 deck.

Just my thoughts.

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@tom-bombadil that isn't even remotely unclear.

702.101c The total cost of a fused split spell includes the mana cost of each half.

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@desolutionist yes, it can. That's what makes it absurd with shattering spree

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... camera pans out

a wispy vale of scent and linen envelops the viewer.

as the camera moves further and further away, we realise that the entire world was in a bottle; a giant hookah lying next to Persian Queen.

It was all a game of Sharhrazad.

Somewhere in the distance a an Orb vomits lava...

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Having seen that a MTG movie might be in the works... here I suggest a Vintage alternative, much darker, a political thriller based on intrigue. Perhaps it can be called: Tinker, Shop, Bazaar, Spy?

The setting is a UN like security council, with the three permanent member arche-states, headed by three leaders.

Comrade Workshop - a behemoth of a character who has over the decades placed some have taxes on the rest of the council, but through concerted effort by the others as well as the 'one above' (to be explained) has seen his power dimish to an upstart. His story begins where a new appointee within his own arche-state, one called the Great Creator, usurping much of his following.

Sheikh Baghdad - never played by the rules and seemingly never plans on doing so. Has shown a propensity not to care about the natural environment; as many have said his domain has removed all island, plains, mountains, swamps and even forests! Definitely pulled out of the Paris Agreement.

F.O. William, Esquire - the old gentleman of the format, crippled over the years by restrictions on his power as well as the imposed taxation by the Comrade. Has long relied on ally 'A.C.' and a timely walk to stay relevant; but has always needed to integrate other races to stay relevant to the homogeneous Comrade Workshop. Recent infighting has seen a The Lady polarize the arche-state, seamlessly infiltrating every of Williams offshoots and commencing an existential crisis with Lord. M. Sculptor

A rotating ragtag group of arche-states occupies the other spots, but are treating with a heavy hand by the main group.

El Drazi - A strange group of likeminded individuals that seem to have been born in the same set. Have been hugely helped by The Creator in the recent times.

The ComeOut Group - Briefly a menace to the security council but seemingly struggling with the power shift with Comrade and William towards their younger upstarts; The Creator and The Lady.

That is the general cast of characters.
There is another entity however; a shady, opaque, grotesque society known only as B and R. They operate as a cabal of faceless, nameless, individuals who part pluck data from Statisticon2019 statistics machine and part canvas opinions of the council. If anything goes awry they are the peacekeepers, currently stationed most prominently in Workshop and Island and have established an international crimes tribunal (currently housing a cult leader know as Mentor, a Golem and two very powerful balls - Trini and her half brother Thorn).

Baghdad has been called out for war-crimes for some time now however seems to be escaping the B and R's watchful eye.

The twist:

In fact this whole council is toothless, the B and R cabal inconsequential - the real power lies in an unholy alliance between the God of this world and a real world group of bourgeoisie who long ago signed a pact to never replace Comrade Workshop, Sheikh Baghdad or Williams crutch 'A.C.', thus condemning this universe to a perennial class struggle. New heroes are born and if too strong, punished by the B and R; but the three security council members can never be touched.

This is where our story begins....

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What is your prediction, do you think your 'turbo-paradox' draw-7 deck will have a favourable meta in a field that has been pretty unkind to traditional paradox decks of late?

Will it be quick enough to get around Karn and Narset?