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Untap Vintage League

Hi, I'm Thomas Snodgrass and I'll be helping to organize season two of the online testing league, the Untap Vintage League.

Where: Our discord server,
When: A continuous league, beginning November 11th.
Signup: Here, by November 11th.

How does it work? Swiss rounds are played continuously week to week, before a cut to top 8.

Season One

Last season we had 33 participants and the following metagame:

Season One Meta

Season One was won by user Epthopper on Survival in five games against White Eldrazi. Does your list have what it takes to win Season Two? Sign up here if you want to give it a shot.

About the Untap Vintage League

We've run these leagues for other formats too. Anything from Legacy to Frontier has fired with 40-50+ people. The unique opportunity here is to connect with the larger online Vintage community while also mentoring in the next generation of Vintage players. If there's interest, we'll stream some of the matches too.

What if you've never played on That's no problem, there's an excellent guide on the wiki. Also, there's a channel on the discord server dedicated to helping new users and I'm happy to answer any questions below.

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Here's a little more data/information, for people interested. Thanks again for all of the support!

Most Played Lands
Most Played Spells
Most Played Sideboard Cards

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Untap Vintage League Season One

This past week, 33 Vintage players submitted lists for our first Untap Vintage League. The two most popular archetypes were Paradoxical Storm and Ravager Shops, coming in at 27% and 24% of the metagame, respectively. If you combine Ravager Shops with Stax, Workshop lists come in at an astounding 30% of the meta. You can find a complete breakdown along with decklists below.

Metagame Breakdown


Season One Decklists

Standstill Lists

Leovold Lists

Oath of Druids Lists

Survival of the Fittest Lists

Thought-Knot Seer Lists

Blood Moon Lists

Mishra's Workshop Lists

Golgari Grave-Troll Lists

Delver of Secrets Lists

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Lists

Paradoxical Outcome Lists

Participants can find raw lists and player availabilities here and feel free to join us on discord to follow the action live! As always, I am indebted to the volunteer staff at the Untap Vintage League, without whom we wouldn't be able to launch this tournament series. While a lot of these lists may seem a bit raw, I do think it's of interest to see what the next generation of Vintage players are testing and brewing. Questions? Comments? Please don't hesitate to reach out through social media, discord, or below.

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Rector Flash, nice! Thanks for posting the decklists.

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@filthyc4sual are you thinking of playing BUG or Czech Pile? Great way to get a little more joy out of DRS 😛

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@aelien I honestly think that within the context of an online league with judges (what we do in the Untap Vintage League), it's not so different from playing in paper. Can people miss triggers and things? Sure. If you do, just call a judge!

Obviously a lot of us just play on modo, or at irl events. That's a great way to experience Vintage. The Untap Vintage League is just another opportunity. The users tend to be younger, but fresh blood isn't the worst thing for our format.

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@awesomemrj Welcome to Vintage! It's a fun format and I hope you enjoy the league. What are you thinking of playing?

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@hierarchnoble Couldn't agree more. Brian Kelly is a treasure.

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Yeah, this is an excellent time to get into Vintage on MTGO. Obviously, do this for fun, not as any sort of financial investment. Good luck splitting those flusterstorms!