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While I have nothing to do with this event (other than attending) just thought I would throw this out there.

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Ah, yes. I have been searching as well. Usually, they upload the streams to youtube, sometimes segmented sometimes not.

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i would check the builds from Montolio, Rich Shay, and Nam Tran from Champs this 2018 and 2017. Those are sort of the current aggro-shops builds, and their lists only differ by 2-3 cards.

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I scrubbed out on 4C Humans at 3-4 in Vintage Finals. Fun, interactive magic, but nothing for the history books.

Legacy I played Belcher (PEOPLE'S CANNON) just for fun and lots of downtime. After dropping first match to Miracles, I went on a 7-0 tear to get to the feature tables at 7-1! I lost (BARELY) to Show and Tell in Game 3 (He was at 10 life after a failed gamble on a Burning Wish line, I was 1 short for Empty, and had to settle on a Grapeshot from sideboard). He Casts Show and Tell, and he shows me Griseldaddy. I show him Belcher, I have a Taiga on board, and am looking for 2 permanant mana sources OR an LED to belch. I am at 20, so I have 2 live draws to get there. First draw is SSG, so now I can draw any of the 7 remaining spirit guides to belch (and he cannot stop it!). Alas, it was not meant to be. I finished the day in Legacy at 8-3, good enough for 50th place. Woohoo!

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@grumpytopdecker Mindbreaktrap and/or Kambal for mirrors seems good.

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ooooohhhh..... Dack is staring into my soul with those dreamy eyes of his.... he can steal my artifacts anytime 😉

I love the artwork you guys take the time to put together on these!

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What about playtesting/running the gauntlet? Pick a deck type (Survival, for instance) and show it being tested against all of the tier 1 decks: Dredge, PO, Dredge, Shops, etc.

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walk around between matches. Gets the blood flowing.
Been using untap with @Prkchpsndwiches to run the "gauntlet" of decks we expect to see, and that is working well. Allows us ot build things/change fast, as well as talk through strategy and proper play without feeling pressure.

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One thing we can all agree one I'm sure is that Madonna's career has taken a terrible nose-dive in the past 20 years, due to terrible songwriting decisions. I hope that engenders solidarity.

Brian Kelly: Engendering solidarity since 1998.... LOL