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Be afraid of this card in the hands of an experienced Abzan Human or 5C Humans pilot. Might be worth to look into winter orb/hokokiri effects.

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@Soly They do exist, but they are mythic.

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I don't think we are even close to the climax when it comes to exploring the possibilities with all the different iterations on Humans. Just like Workshop had different styles and finesses, Humans can also be divided using the pillars of vintage. I explored Combo Humans, I did aggro control tempo (see Human Stompy thread). 5C Humans is a control deck not a hatebear deck, there is also the hatebear human version which is usually GW with or without a third splash.

The option to use all colors or stick with less colors to become a bit more stable mana base wise, the fact that the Human type does offer a lot of unique and fun creatures, I still just love it. And I don't think the power level difference between Human decks and all other decks is that big anymore. Especially when I sleeve up the 5C Human version, I run all the powerful cards myself and play it out like a keeper deck. The only difference is that I tend to use more creatures than instants/sorceries. But then again, Containment Pries and Notion Thief are instants as far as I am considered. Running all the good tutors and powerful answers like Abrupt Decay and Hurkly's Recall in combination with Regrowth makes it all the more appealing.

It seems ridiculous to me when people post comments about how 'easy' it supposedly is to design or pilot a competitive deck with disruptive creatures against a field of different powerful archetypes.

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Since any Human deck should run flyers anyway to win any race, Magus of the Moat might be interesting to slow down Eldrazi. Just an idea, haven't seen the latest lists.