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@Aelien good questions and thank you for the reply. I played many years Storm Deck like Gush Tendrils, TPS (with Bob and less), Long or Doomsday, in Italy our meta is invaded by disruptive deck imprinted to denial. 14 is the right number of lands - in my head, obviously - to stabilize Storm. The great number of MUD push me to play a solid mana base: 2 island and 1 swamp to optimize the effect of fetchlands.
4 discard effects are the good number: not always we lose life, misstep is present in the meta and the fact that it's played on a Duress or on Thoughtseize is better than seen it on Ancestral Recall. The second discard effect is the best we can improve, specially against MUD or other creatures deck (all decks play a great number of those). This is also the reason why I play 2 Fatal Push in main deck. Hurkyl's doesn't resolve always all problems and I'm so scared from Team Leovold, maybe I can pass to 1 but for the moment I'll stay so.
DP is a good card but I don't like expensive spell: in this deck we have just 3 YB, Desire and the most control nature of my list doesn't allow to have always an exploding start. Grim Tutor is perfect for me because after threshold, all rituals become istant closing.
A most controlling shell, with 8 protections, allows us to play against all decks without risking to concede at an earlier date.
A question, playing my list which cards would you take away and which you suggest?

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Hi guys, I'm italian vintage player and next weekend I'll partecipate to Ovinotournaments event: 4 days of mtg eternal formats in Milan. My intention is to play a Storm Deck TPS-based spicy with a several list of bombs, in this case the good news from Wotc about Yawgmoth's Bargain encourage me to build a competitive deck counting on these. During last week I've complete an hard serial of testing against aggro-control deck (like Solution 5-color, very aggressive and disruptive) and other Storm deck like Paradoxical. The results were very impressive: won several games against the first and simply destroyed the second.

My actual list is this:
0_1506270978452_Senza titolo-2.jpg

Found it on web repository:

At first, I'd have played somenthing like Show and Tell + Yawgmoth's Bargain but I didn't like the fact of my enemy can improve in front of my eyes cards like Revoker (MUD) or others creature spells (Leovold, Kambal etc). My decision was to play without FoW but the presence of so many strong cards in the formats push me to reinstate them (Defense Grid in side). I choose a mana base that includes a green mana (Tropical Island) to put in side Abrupt Decay and others helpful tools.
I hope my list will please you, or maybe you can start from it to enrich the discussion and evolve the real deck of vintage: TPS.
My best regards, Stefano