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I have a wife and two girls. I work in a cheese factory. Been playing magic for over 20 years. Used to play paper vintage, but sold all my power when we had our first child 11 years ago. Now I play vintage on line, and primarily modern and legacy in paper.

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Seems like a good dredge Target. Except the existing targets straight kill the opponent, so I don’t really see this as an upgrade.

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@bandswithothers seems sweet. But what’s with the combat redirection part? Shouldn’t it read combat damage done to you can be re-directed to Jace? Not from Jace to a creature.
The abilities should also read only once per turn and as a sorcery.
Needs more text 🙂

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Awesome! I had to miss the last one (Daughters birthday > vintage). But I plan to be there for this one. Can't wait, see you in a few weeks.

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@ophidian RIW has their monthly vintage this Sunday in Livonia. If you can make the trip, I highly recommend it. It's my daughter's b-day or I would be headed there myself this weekend.

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@moorebrother1 I think there is a slight disadvantage to people always knowing what deck you are on, but I think repetition and expertise with a specific deck far out way that. Look at @Montolio as an example. At champs, or any time on-line, every opponent that sits across from him 100% knows he is on shops. But he still wins consistently because of how well he knows the deck.
I think the key for me to getting better (and I'm not great btw) is just learning to slow down, and think a few seconds before each play. The other key has been to remember my mistakes and learn from them, instead of getting tilted by them. I don't like to mess up and lose a match because of it, but if it helps me play better in future matches, then the mistake was not that bad after all.
And above all, I have to have fun. If I'm so focused on winning that I'm not having fun, then I am missing the point of playing the game. Winning is nice, but the purpose of playing a game is to have fun. I find if I keep a good attitude and enjoy the game, no matter how much I am winning or losing, I play at a higher level because I am more relaxed.

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@moorebrother1 I would second this. The tournaments at RIW that Ben puts on are great. I look forward to them each time I get to go, even though it is a 3 hour drive for me to go to them.

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I have been playing Grixis Theives. It's a pile of broken fun cards, and I like stealing the fun from my opponent. Probably not the best deck by far, but has all the things I like about vintage.

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@brass-man yeah, I forgot about that as well. Seems like they should be quite a bit less.

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@madmanmike25 You would be surprised what people will pay for them. They wouldn't be worth that much if people weren't buying them. You don't have to tote them around either. eBay is pretty easy way to unload them.