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I started playing Magic in the fall of 1995 with some friends that worked with at a bar. I took a quick liking to the game and soon wanted to be competitive. I purchase a Timetwister for $100 and I played at Gen Con in 1996 in both Type 2 and Type 1. I just remember loving the game and went all in at that point. I purchase all of the power cards with the exception of Black Lotus. I played mostly casually in college and when I got married I just play Friday night magic for a few years. About 6 years ago I decided that I only wanted to play Vintage seriously. It was the year before my son was born and I played some very intense magic. My son was born and now I am limited to about one tournament a week. I play with my brother every week to test out decks and talk shit. I still love the game and I will never sell my cards.

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@chubbyrain I was very high on this card and the So Many Insane Plays guys were as well. I think the blue shell is going to evolve. She really challenges the blue stew that we have become accustomed to and I’m very happy about this. I see some very interesting deck builds coming from this card.

Dealing with Shops and Eldrazi is going pose an intriguing challenge. I am looking into mill strategies. I think she is so one sided that a painter style combo could do well or Helm and Rest In Peace.

She may even bring back the old Tezzeret, the Seeker decks.

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@protoaddict I really like your point of view here. My stance has evolved a bit over time on the counterspell debate.

I think counterspells can mold a format in a very distorted way. If you look at standard it has recently turned into a heavy counter format and legacy is a heavy counter format which makes most decks hyper-efficient similar to vintage.

Modern on the other had does not have very many good counter options and the format is more aggro. It’s still efficient but in a different way.

I firmly believe the reliance on counter magic takes a certain level of fun out of the game. On the other hand, just doing whatever you want does not give us much of a game either.

My hope is that the uncounterable creatures get better but no too much better. This also feeds into the issue you just described because most of those creatures are green.

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@hrishi That is an interesting point. Wizards has been printing better and better creatures. A few are blue creatures like Snapcaster, and True name but most of them are not blue. As we see more creatures and more planeswalkers, especially non-blue ones, the power cards from the old sets have to complete on a new level.

We will also see some deck play the core blue spells will really good creatures like Survival. And we see black based combo play a much smaller number of blue spells.

Wizards has made some new blue spells that were just overpowered like Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time but my guess is that it will be a very long time before that happens again.

I am guessing that the printing of better creatures and lands with more non-blue planeswalkers is going to push blue closer to 50%. If players were evaluating on best options over nostalgia we would see less blue overall in the format. You can already see that starting to happen in Legacy as Brainstorm decks are getting squeezed by the chalice decks and aggro decks.

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I took a little break from Magic and I’m coming back into Vintage now. I have been looking at the decks making top 8’s and I am seeing a significant increase in non-blue based decks in the top 8. Looking at numbers from a few sites the top 8 is about 40% to 50% non-blue. Blue decks are a big bucket count Xerox, PO, BUG, Oath and so on.

I was very excited about the new cards and if the format is leaning more on creatures and non-blue then planeswalkers are not great in this meta. It is obvious that planewalkers are great but they are not very good against creature heavy decks.

Vintage is hyper-efficient right now but and creature based decks do well in a hyper efficient format. PO and Xerox are by far the largest part of the Vintage meta game.

Question is are most decks played still blue based decks? Or have we hit a tipping point where non-blue will maintain the 40% to 50% make up in the meta?

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@thewhitedragon69 since you have white try 1 or 2 abolish. It’s negative card value but it was good against old stax. Fragmatize is your friend and some type of ramp. Noble Heirarch is not good but Deathrite Shaman is good.

Pick a lane. Your deck cannot be generally good against everything. Being good against shops will make you bad against Xerox and Dredge. Look at your meta and pick.

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Be creative. I always have an oath deck built and I will play many flavors of the deck from PO to BUG to Infernal Titan. You may find that experimenting with Oath will give you a big edge over others strategies in the format.

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@dr-j I think blue white super friends is going to be a deck. You don’t even need standstill.

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I love this card! I know mono blue control is not a deck anymore but this card is just flexible. It stops most blue decks and slows dredge down. For a blue planeswalker that costs 3 mana you cannot do much better. I am excited about this card not because it will win me the game but because it synergizes so well with other strategies.

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@hrishi I think there are some cards that will have a longterm impact on Vintage. Paradoxical Outcome took a year to develop into a real deck. Survival took a while after Hollow One was released as well. Deck creation is a very time consuming exercise in Vintage and there are very good card to seed that creation, it just may take a year or 2.

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This card is crucial to Grixis and BUG fighting a Jeskai deck. Other than that it’s not a vintage card