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I started playing Magic in the fall of 1995 with some friends that I worked with at a bar. I took a quick liking to the game and soon wanted to be competitively. I purchased a Timetwister for $100 and I played at Gen Con in 1996 in both Type 2 and Type 1. I just remember loving the game and went all in at that point. I purchased all of the power cards with the exception of Black Lotus. I played mostly casually in college and when I got married I just played Friday night magic for a few years. Around 2010 I decided that I only wanted to play Vintage seriously. It was the year before my son was born and I played some very intense magic. My son was born and now I am limited to about one tournament a week. I play with my brother every week to test out decks and talk shit. I still love the game and I will never sell my cards.

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I did not see a link here for this, so I am adding it


SMIP is back with the 100th episode.

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@protoaddict I had this exact conversation with my wife all of the time. She learned how much my collection was worth when we did our estate planning for our kids and asked me why I don't just sell it off. I asked her the question, and do what. This is my hobby and I make more than enough money to support my family and keep my cards. It makes me happy and I already spent the money. If I needed the money then I would need to reconsider but it makes me happy to have my cards.

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@vaughnbros Fair point, that does not happen in Old School since everyone has real cards on the line. It is why I stopped playing my real cards at the card shop.

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I bought into MTGO in January of 2018, before the loan programs. I see now that Wizards is doing a buy an event token and get all of the cards. If this is their new norm then I do not see a reason in having MTGO cards anymore. Is this the time to sell out of MTGO?

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@vaughnbros I love shuffling my cards. I play my real cards in Old School and never think twice about shuffling them.

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The sentiment in the post is something that has been with me for a very longtime. I got into Magic back in 1995 and I was able to get the staples of the format at a much lower cost. I was also in a position to keep my collection as my income and debt has always moved in the right direction.

Magic is part of my identity at this point. Being a Vintage player is a huge part of that identity. I want more players in the format and I am OK with Wizards reprinting any and everything at this point as long as the new versions have the new boards and new art.

I wrote some time ago that Vintage is essentially a digital format now, and I HATE that with a passion. Having a digital option allows for more games to be played but has the effect of limiting strategies that perform well on the digital client.
The digital version of the game is not free either and maintaining a paper collection and a digital collection is very expensive.

With all of that said and the various options, I'm not sure Vintage has a large audience of players that want to play the format. It is bigger than what we currently have but Magic has a bigger problem right now.

We could ban every card on the reserve list and that new format would be playable and different from Legacy but has the 2019/2020 problem. The new cards that have been printed have made the game different and invalidated a lot of working theories. I'm not sure this a bad thing but it is driving older players away from the game.

I hope there is some solution to reprints at some point, the people who have old cards will have no one to play with if they don't do something and that makes me sad.

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I have not played a lot of Vintage due to the lock downs with the pandemic mostly because I am a paper player. I do have a MTGO account and I tried to play but the companion bans and errata really left me cold.

When I saw that there would be an Eternal Weekend event on MTGO I was very skeptical. I am not a fan of MTGO to put it lightly and I did not want to buy or rent a bunch of cards to play competitively. I had a pretty rough week at work and I was really looking for a fun outlet so I read the Eternal Weekend details and I saw that you were given a "god" account when you bought a ticket.

So, I decided to give it a go. I had a lot of fun and I have some thoughts on why this weekend was fun when I normally do not enjoy MTGO very much.

There were a lot of people playing a lot of decks!

That's it, that's the big revelation. I did not have to play leagues to learn a deck or figure out the meta. I could just play pick up games and there were people playing at all levels and all kinds of decks. It was a blast.

I do kind of keep up my MTGO account and I login and play from time to time but I do not play enough to want a rental account and I do not get the most expensive cards except for a few odd exceptions.

Being able to focus on the a deck and just prepare was awesome.

Now the downside, it's actually not MTGO. But it is the fact that I could not leave my house and play. I have 3 kids. I cannot really escape them in my house and my wife will only tolerate me being away in another room for so long. This is a me problem but it is a prime driver to why I enjoy paper magic.

I get to leave, I go somewhere and I usually see people I know or make new friends.

It's a negative but overall, this weekend was a huge positive. I wish Wizards would do something like this more often, maybe quarterly. It is a great way to get a crowd of people playing Vintage. It is overall just good for Vintage.

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I can totally see playing some token generator and turning those into 4/4 flyers. Is this good in Vintage, probably not but it is fun.

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@dr-j I want to challenge this comparison a bit.

Looting is different from Brainstorming and doing it at instant speed is a very real difference to the game - consider Snapcaster Mage.

Phasing a creature out at instant speed allows for interesting combat tricks

While JTMS has a game winning ultimate, I have fought against it and won a few times. Taking 3 turns back to back will usually end a game of Vintage.

I think I like Teferi over JTMS in the current Vintage meta but that may just be my opinion.