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My bread and butter is anything Workshops.
I do like to mix it up though and will at any given time get my fill of Ancestral Recall.
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Congratulations Andy! My favorite part of your post was the venue. It looked amazing and reminds me of Muskoka here in Canada! Your list looks baller to boot!

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Great write up Logt1 and congratulations on the good run!

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Thanks for the write up Dave. Congrats on a great finish!

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@Smmenen Oh that is bizarre.

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On weekends Steve they only publish one of the events a day.

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My fear of having Vintage leagues is that it causes a small player base to have no focused time to meet and play. This is why Daily events (DE's) are needed.
I have seen the repercussions of a similar ideal with increasing the amount of DE's throughout the week. What ended up happening was that none of the events fired as it was more unfocused.
Now, not to say Vintage leagues couldn't succeed. Having leagues will attract a lot of new players and current people that cannot commit to a DE or are intimidated to play in one will be inclined to try a League.
It will be interesting to see, but history is relevant here and I suspect Vintage leagues will not be successful.

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Merry Christmas to you and Andy and all the Vintage community.

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Matt, tyvm for taking the last 2 months to type this stuff up.
You and Ryan are tireless and i appreciate this contribution alot.

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@ajfirecracker said:

Sanctum Prelate and the new white Imperial Recruiter were both impactful at Legacy Champs, I would be extremely surprised if they had zero impact in White Hatebears / White Eldrazi

We haven't even scratched the surface of a card like Leovald yet either. Despite it not being in top 8, this card is top 8 worthy imo. I would relish the idea of being able to test with this card on MTGO and not pay 50 tix per (which it will probably be if they are in chests only).