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Incoming Ghitu Slinger buyout !

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It is worth mentionning also that Portal sets are allowed which on top of my head allows:

Imperial Recruiter for Aluren
Personal Tutor for ?

Very interesting format anyway. i think they complete each other with Premodern.

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Dear all,

For my 1st post on the Mana Drain I'd like to share a picture of my Lapis Lazuli Vault deck in Old School 95 format. I need to "replace" the 4 Alpha Power Sink with 4 Korean and the Mana Vaults (2 Revised and the 1 Unlimited) for Korean. For the Unlimited Power and the Italian Tabernacle well... Don't judge me !

0_1523181792144_Lapis Lazuli Vault 3.jpg

This is what I played to a 2nd place Skype tournament this month. If you're not familiar with it, check the timewalking blog !