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It sure does seem appropriate to discuss this archetype if we think Eldrazi are a serious metagame concern. I mean, Painter itself screws over Eldrazi Temple and Eye of Ugin.

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I think the answer is "yes, they are the same." I haven't spent a ton of time thinking about this, but I strongly suspect they both impact your Expected Match Wins the same. That should be the only number you actually care about.

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@Juggernaut-GO said:

I'm already sick of losing to monastery mentor, why this card can be a 4 of, and lodestone got restricted seems like a sick prank to me, but what can you do?

Yeah. It's a 3-mana spell that wins the game in two turns; it's comparable to Tinker. It can be uncounterable off Caverns, and it's really good against any kind of removal that was played in the format prior to Mentor being printed. Like Tinker, it demands special answers... on the old Mana Drain there was a 6-page thread called "Can we answer a Monastery Mentor?" where we tried to find the most efficient answer. Some leading contenders were:

sulfur elemental
sudden shock
toxic deluge

Other stuff like lightning bolt or swords to plowshares or dismember is likely to leave a token or two around. The best answers are probably stuff that makes it harder to get into play: counterspells, spheres, meddling mage.

Of course answering a Gush shell is way harder. I think basically the only thing that really worked against the lean Gush decks with 15-20 1-cmc spells was chalice@1, but that's obviously much less reliable now.

TLDR; it's probably dumb to think you can play a midrange blue deck that doesn't have gush and mentor, and still be able to compete with Gush-Mentor decks.

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Some kind of mono blue should be pretty good against shops. I think the bigger problem is Mentor, where their Gushes basically blank your Back to Basics. This is why people moved to Blood Moon and run it in a U/R shell. Both back to basics and blood moon pretty much shut down dredge and shops; which is a really strong place to be pre-board. Blood Moon is probably a little better against mentor and it puts you in Red so you can run lightning bolt or sudden shock, as well as good anti-shops cards.

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gha. There was a thread on this on the previous Mana Drain; called blue prison, I think. The basic problem is you can't reliably flip Erayo without having a lot more moxes than average... at least 6-7 more (1 petal, 2 chrome, 3 opal, 1 mana vault). Then your manabase becomes really vulnerable. Second, Arcane Lab plus Erayo is also a non-bo if the Lab is played first; so we ended up cutting Arcane Lab. Third, you totally can lose to an early threat that comes down before Erayo flips; there's not really enough room left in the deck for a robust draw & tutor & answer package. 4th, its not clear this 2-mana enchantment is at all better than Oath of Druids. Finally, Arcane Lab probably is awesome in this meta, but a deck based around Eidolon of Rhetoric is probably a lot better.

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Along the lines of what @hankzhong said, isn't this deck just better without burning wish? It makes comboing faster and more consistent, and frees up enough space in the board to have a good shops matchup while not ignoring stuff like dredge.

I mean, adding oath to combat shops is still a great tactic. In a meta defined by shops and mentor-control, a deck like storm that already has a good control matchup, if it could be tweaked to have a better shops matchup, could be a real force.