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Is there a place I can watch coverage for Eternal Weekend? Like a twitch channel or preferably youtube?

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I just listened to Cron and Menendian's set review for ELD, and it inspired me. I thought Wishclaw Talisman was totally unplayable, but they got me thinking about how I could be wrong. And I like how Emry fills the graveyard for delve spells.

So I thought something that used both of them could be good, and threw the following list together. What do yall think?

Note: This is somewhat based on this Grixis Welder list, but with 4 Welders because they get better in multiples with Wishclaw Talisman in play. I wanted to include Snapcasters, but didn't know what to cut for them - and they don't really synergize with the artifacts anyway.

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The most recent episode of SMIP inspired me to go back and listen to #1 again. It made me think "you know what would make colorless eldrazi great again? A words-on-the-page errata for Scorched Ruins."

Personally I'm glad that hasn't happened.

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I’ve read the first few posts, so forgive me if this was answered somewhere after that: what is the counter to this strategy? It seems like RIP alone isn’t great, nor Swords/Balance, but a combination of graveyard hate and creature control is needed to beat this deck. Is Jeskai the worst matchup?

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@vaughnbros ty. I didn’t know the exact number til now

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@evouga said in Single Card Discussion - Lavinia, Azorious Renegade:

I get 11.4%, not 12.6%.

That looks to me about the same as the odds of dredge failing to find Bazaar, no?

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@fsecco said in Single Card Discussion - Lavinia, Azorious Renegade:

@brass-man The thing that makes it hard to evaluate is that this card is easily maindeckable. Just like Deathrite rendered GY strategies much worse in Legacy not because it was the best hoser, but because it was a 4-of everywhere G1.
Against Shops and Xerox this is at it's worst, but even against them it has applications, specially if you land it very early. As I said before, you'll probably side them out on the draw against Shops, for example, but there are good reasons to leave them in on the play - just being able to get to your turn 2 knowing there is not going to be a Sphere or Rod in play is awesome.

I’m inexperienced building Vintage decks. Would you please explain to me how this is maindeckable? Pitchable to FoW I get. But it’s a sorcery that doesn’t appear to me to prevent any opponent from executing 90% of their gameplan.

Bob-Jace control plays Leovold, and Grixis Thieves plays Notion Thief, but this card appears nowhere near as strong as those to me. Am I wrong?