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I can't see this being a thing in vintage, I imagine decks that want that effect would sooner take Courser, and lot of the more successful Fastbond decks aren't interested in Courser anywho. And a lot of the more successful fastbond decks are also not particularly good.

In standard, I could see it having potential, and in casual play a legendary creature who cares about lands could certainly be fun.

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So far I've had success testing a deck using the Recruiter pile of Conspicuous Snoop + Torch Courier + Kiki Jiki, closing by copying Recruiter again to put Mogg Fanatic on top. Combined with rainbow lands and a high density of 1 cmc tutors (Worldly, Sylvan, Vampiric, Imperial Seal) the deck has consistently (90%+) gone off by turn 4, more often by turn 3 or 2. Given the combo is so tight, the rest of the deck is just dedicated to tutors, rainbow lands, the best blue cards, and force of wills. I certainly wouldn't try to build this as a goblins deck, you just build it as a combo deck with blue cards like Pdoxical or Oath, except your combo is "resolve Goblin Recruiter."