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I first came in touch with magic 1996. A guy from school had this 1996 Introductory Two-Player Set and he told me how to play. However my first pack i bought in 1998 at a small gamestore. I had no idea what to buy but that Urza's Saga Tournament pack looked so sweet so i bought it. I play casual magic for a long time and started to work on my skills together with a close buddy in 2013.

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Oh yes thats what i ment. Thanks!

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My best friend wants to better play magic. We played with duel decks last night and he lost 9 out of 10 games. He asked me for help and i was glad he did. So i was thinking how to best make this. I remember that some years ago one of you guys posted a really simple but detailed Turn structure he made for his kids if i recall correctly.
If you know a good sample of Turn structure (with short notes what you can do in the different steps) It would help me a lot.
Thanks for your help!

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Mike_Kidney on Modo. I usually play in the evening (UTC)

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I'm running a retail store selling wall paint, wallpapers & floors.
So i always hear i should play painter ;D

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Thanks for the reply! Hope i can find the time for the Saturday Daily 🙂 Really hoping for a Vintage League on Modo!

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I bought a vintage deck on Modo a couple of week ago and want to play a tournament on modo with it. So i checked what i can participate in and it's kind of sad since it seems that there is no event i can. I do live in Germany so the daily events are during the time I sleep or work. There also is no Vintage League which would be awesome... the only thing i can do is 1on1 Queues. Thats what's on Modo so far or do i miss something? I somewhere red about TMD League - how does that work? And the other thing is the P9 challenge, that's once per month?
Thanks for your help!

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Had a lots of thoughts about what this "shake-up" could be my first thought was touching the reserved list. Then i remember all the discussion about how such a change could be like and if they do i think they might wait till their 25th anniversary which is in 2 years.
Also the post was about restrictions
@Smmenen said:

Rumor has it that some changes may be in the works. If you oppose any new restrictions, email Wizards now!

So where to go from here? There was a lot of cards/decks that pointed out to me. Most of all Shops, Dredge, Mentor and Storm.
If they restrict Lodestone i think they also would to have touch the other decks let's say also restrict Monastery Mentor, Dark Petition and Serum Powder. The problem witch this is that i think it hurts Mentor the least which would make it even better in the field unless there are other "new" decks rising from this action. I personally dislike Mentor as a card not only because it pushed Young Pyromancer (which i like) in a narrow corner but also is hard to deal for a lot of decks with when it hits the table. - sure there are a lot of cards like this but this one is a creature and the only other creature i can think of that causes trouble like this is Lodestone. Griselbrand, Emrakul and the like need a build around strategy like Oath. Lodestone is bit in the middle since you need to play an artifact deck. Mentor you could play anywhere by splashing.

Also could there be other big changes? What about everything is restricted (except the banned cards)? In my opinion there will be only one deck that is still playable - a good stuff deck that has "different" versions with a few cards changing. So i think we can say that this change thankfully doesn't come.

Making CE/IE cards Tournament legal? I don't know the numbers of the print run but it might help some people to get into paper tournaments. The ruling with the different back could be handled like the double-faced cards.

That leads me to another point:
Proxys! While on Modo vintage is quite accessible - paper Vintage is not. I don't have to teach you about prices on the Power9 as of Workshop, Bazaar, Time Vault and other staples but there also comes up a problem i have not read about but that is already here for over a year. Lets say you not only own a set of power but also this set is Alpha. Do you still go to paper tournaments with those cards worth more than a middle class car? And that in times where we currently read quite a lot bad news of stolen cards in a "professional" way like break-ins etc. So what if you could play proxies you own - maybe you could confirm that you own those by a judge or something. Sure it is no easy thing but i bet there are a lot of players out there that have quite a bad feeling going to a paper tournament with those cards. Players that stay at home because of this.

Hope i gave you some interesting points to think about 🙂