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Given the way Design and Development have gone recently, there's one thing I'm sure of, and its that whatever the mythic Entomb card is, it will be very pushed. Is it going to be standard-pushed or eternal-pushed? Who knows. But if they go for a utility creature rather than a midrange value beater, we could have a sweet vintage card on our hands. Again, recent design trends tells us it will a midrange value beater, but they've made statements recently that suggest they have learned from recent mistakes and might swap things up. If we get something like a 1-2drop that exiles all graveyards when it ETBs (and when token ETBs), or has a tax effect, or stops non-drawstep draws, then we're in business, and that doesn't seem completely out of the realm of possibility to me.

edit: welp mobile definitely caused me some trouble there, sorry for the deleted duplicate below

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I brought this up last time we had a similar thread, but the original EULA/Terms of Use/whatever for MTGO did indeed disallow outside assistance. I know this because when my dad signed lil baby McAra up for an account on day 1, I was the kind of weird kid that read the entire document before clicking I Agree, because thats what I was supposed to do as a conscientious Internet Citizen.

Also, back in the day, way back when, a few streamers mentioned WotC contacting them about videos or broadcasts of MTGO, where they would ask for verbal confirmation that 'the plays made were based entirely on your own decision-making process" or something like that. I think Kenji/Numot talked about this at one point?

Would be interesting to learn if that stipulation is still buried in all those words, if anyone cares enough to scrub through it with a Ctrl-F.

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Dynavolt Tower 3
Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, you get EE (two energy counters).
T, Pay EEEEE: Dynavolt Tower deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

I was little surprised to not see this posted immediately, given how exciting Kaladesh seems to be for many of us 🙂

Posting from mobile and can't get the forum to link the image. Tips on how to do so are appreciated, but I think we can manage with a text version.

So, here is the energy generator we've been discussing and speculating on as we evalute other energy cards. How good is it? Eh, not bad... a little costly for so little effect, unless some of the unspoiled rares or uncommons have some kind of nasty trick. It scales as you storm out, so its at least worth a look as more energy cards are spoiled. Right now this thread might not see a ton of action, as this card is not super exciting on its own. As we continue to see spoilers, feel free to drop in and post cool interactions or possible combos that you discover.

Honestly, this is about the best we could expect from present-day WotC in terms of enablers. They didn't price it very high and the trigger is gonna happen a lot in vintage, so it seems possible that we can find some potential here.

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Eldritch Evolution really feels like one of those cards that we aren't gonna figure out anytime soon. But we'll brew here and there, try stuff out, and either find some super-strong interaction with existing cards or with something in an upcoming set. I won't expect to see it overpowering Vintage, Legacy or Modern soon but its something lots of people will be keeping an eye on during future spoiler seasons.

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Brian, could you give a quick rundown on Jori? Love the card and wondering if its been so-so, above average, stellar? Its one of those cards that's so hard to judge until you get in some games with one in the deck.

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Excellent read, as always. It was a nice summary of some of the EMN cards with Eternal potential without the overbearing "it sucks, get out and never mention this card again!" stuff that happens in the EMN card threads around here.

Minor note about Emrakul-ing someone and using their Griselbrand. Maybe I misread, but it sounds like you meant to take them beneath 0 with Greazy's activated ability, but one cannot pay a cost that one cannot afford. Unless your opponent happens to already be at a life total divisible by 7, you can't outright beat them with just that.

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@varal said:

@McAra It's the requirement to use the word target that makes the sentence weird.

Ah, I can see how making the text use "target" makes the wording tricky, now. Makes sense why they did it the current way.

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@varal said:

@McAra The "you" is unclear in your sentence. It could refer to the Oath's controller. Same thing with "opponent", it could refer to the controller's opponents.

? That is exactly what I meant. I was using English rather than Magic-ese, maybe thats what I failed to convey. I will try to be more clear but I don't understand your confusion, so apologies if this doesn'the help:

Why doesn't Oath say, "At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player chooses one of his or her opponents who controls more creatures than him or her..." instead of the current wording. What technical issues are they avoiding with this wording?

Edit: I see the confusion now, I was only wording it from controller's perspective, not what I intended with my other post.

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Yes, the intervening if was removed when Oath got put on MtGO, I think. Anyone know what shenanigans they were trying to circumvent with "and is his or her opponent"? Just avoiding casual multi-player interactions with teammates? Any reason not to just use "target opponent who controls more creatures than you"?

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And yeah, Jade is right. No intervening if here, just a very specific kind of target.

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Unfortunately, what you've been told all your life is 100% incorrect. Oath's trigger will never go on the stack if it has no legal targets. For Oath, a legal target is a "player who controls more creatures than [me] and is [my] opponent."

Conversely, if it has triggered and is on the stack, it checks on resolution if it's target is still legal. If the player you targeted no longer has more creatures than you, it is countered on resolution for having an illegal target, just as any targeted spell or ability in Magic would.

The only wording that "locks in" a value or number on cast/trigger is something like Dragonlord's Prerogative. Those clauses specifically tell you when to check for Dragons and then later references whether you had the requirement filled at the time of casting.

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How is the crash happening? No error message? Is it when you execute the program or shortly after? Does the little update window come up at all?

Oh and are you on a Mac? A friend of mine partitioned a huge amount of space for just Windows and MODO and eventually found that Windows had just eaten up every gig and that was why MODO was unhappy.

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I recently had this problem. The issue was, apparently, that the MODO faeries came into my house at night and magically broke my install, since it worked for a while and then stopped. I fixed it by redownloading a fresh setup.exe from their site and trying it all over. Good times.

Still don't know why it did that, is it giving you a framework error when it tries to update? That was my issue.

Edit - I just remembered that when I reinstalled, I put it on D:\ instead of C:, but I have no idea why that helped. Fresh install on C:\ had same error as before.

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The whole point of Eldrazi is that they do weird things, especially with the exile zone. I do not see the logic in thinking that Coax's wording will lead to wishes being errata'd.

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@MaximumCDawg said:

Also, note that your first ramp spell of a certain type actually gives you 2 mana towards Emrakul. Rampant Growth gets you a land and reduces her cost by one. Sakura Tribe-Elder next turn does likewise. Natural Connection on the next turn and you're there, assuming you made some land drops in the meantime, too.

Need to check your math here, as this sequence gives you 8 mana on turn 5 with 3 card types in grave, even making all 5 land drops.
I think this Emrakul is going to be limited to standard, mostly in ramp sideboards. Could be that the rest of the set has stuff that pushes her over the top, though. Gotta wait and see.

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Glad to see the revisit of MTGO ethics on the docket there. Starting to listen now and looking forward to that discussion. Thanks Kevin&Steve!

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Interesting that it will trigger from Crypt flips, double fetchland turns, and paying for Probes with life. Very interesting.

This is not the most far-fetched card to try to break in vintage. Something to note is that the newly popular Scab-Clan Berserker fits the bill for getting this online, too. I wonder if the right home for this is in a disruptive and aggressive Grixis build. You keep Deathrite and have some of the right tools to keep the opponent off-balance, with Quest serving as extra damage when facing a clogged board or getting your creatures dealt with.

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I'm not an experienced storm player at all but Pack Rat does look nuts to me. The clock on the rats is so much quicker than people think if they aren't used to doing Pack Rat Combat Math.

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Steve casting his own game was a highlight for me, a happy consequence of the tech problems. I've read a lot of your words, Menendian, but its a whole different beast to be in the moment with you as a decision gets made. I see a lot of the same mental shortcuts, planning strategies and thought patterns that I use while I play. It helped me reconcile you as a legendary Vintage figure and as a normal, nervous player who just makes the best call he can based on available information and experiences.

Its easy for us to think of the pros and old hands as being 'better' than us. But it isn't that some are born able to draw cards better or shuffle better or read text better... you just think about it more critically and the good plays follow from that.