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Individual cards aren't layers; layers are just the levels at which characteristic-changing effects are placed relative to one another. They are used to describe how +3/+3 interacts with changing base power/toughness, or how color-changing interacts with Devoid. They don't come into play here because no characteristics are being affected.

There is a somewhat similar system of layers for replacement effects but these mana restrictions/allowances aren't replacement effects, just mana with the property that they must/can be spent in a certain fashion.

And its not so much that one is optional, just that Workshop is a restriction: regardless of other things, the mana must be spent on artifacts. If the artifact is a walker, you also can spend the colorless as any color.

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MTGO ethics has always interested me. Interestingly, back in the day, the TOS had a clause about not using outside help to play. Anyone know if its still there? When streaming first took off, I noticed some people doing it and asked. The general response from the streamers was, "Yeah I talk about plays and ask chat what they think but my decisions are my own and I won't change lines just cuz LSV is in my chat telling me I'm wrong."

Even more interesting, at one point a streamer (maybe Kenji?) told me WotC had actually contacted him to "verify that his decisions were his own and that nothing unfair was going on." I have no idea how true it is or if WotC ever has/still does care, but at the outset, it was something that was curtailed by the rules of MTGO, even if it wasn't enforceable at all. Has anyone ever been banned from MTGO for getting outside help?

All in all, I fully agree with the * by MTGO players' skill. Its not that MTGO is a worse way to play Magic, it just tests different things; things that are not tested by our long-held, historical understanding of 'sitting down to play a game of Magic.'

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@joshuabrooks said:

The community needs to frown upon this, at least in non-disclosed competitive play. Even if you don't use the suggestions of your helpers, it is still an obvious aid to have multiple lines of play being discussed

This is the fundamental point, in my opinion. Back when I was much more heavily MTGO-involved, immedately after launch and in the years after, it was a common discussion, and as I mentioned above, it was against the TOS to have help. Both in the lobby chats and in talking with people in real life, it was a topic we frequently considered. I haven't seen anyone bring it up in years aside from this episode and this ensuing conversation, which is odd because its more relevant than ever in a world with Twitch.

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I don't think it's right to assume that someone who primarily plays magic online is not as skilled as a paper player simply due to the way they experience the game.

I do not think anyone has said this. The point made originally, the way I saw it, is that we have a concept of a set of skills that allows one to succeed at paper magic. We have spent over 20 years dicussing, praising, and learning these skills, and when we display them, somone sees that and says, "Now she/he is playing some good magic!"

MtGO tests some of the same skills, and some very different skills. Neither type of player is worse, but they are honing a different skillset so it isn't right to say that a good MTGO player has the same skills as a good paper tournament player, or vice versa. Though, some people value one skillset more than the other.

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Steve casting his own game was a highlight for me, a happy consequence of the tech problems. I've read a lot of your words, Menendian, but its a whole different beast to be in the moment with you as a decision gets made. I see a lot of the same mental shortcuts, planning strategies and thought patterns that I use while I play. It helped me reconcile you as a legendary Vintage figure and as a normal, nervous player who just makes the best call he can based on available information and experiences.

Its easy for us to think of the pros and old hands as being 'better' than us. But it isn't that some are born able to draw cards better or shuffle better or read text better... you just think about it more critically and the good plays follow from that.

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Glad to see the revisit of MTGO ethics on the docket there. Starting to listen now and looking forward to that discussion. Thanks Kevin&Steve!

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I recently had this problem. The issue was, apparently, that the MODO faeries came into my house at night and magically broke my install, since it worked for a while and then stopped. I fixed it by redownloading a fresh setup.exe from their site and trying it all over. Good times.

Still don't know why it did that, is it giving you a framework error when it tries to update? That was my issue.

Edit - I just remembered that when I reinstalled, I put it on D:\ instead of C:, but I have no idea why that helped. Fresh install on C:\ had same error as before.

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Given the way Design and Development have gone recently, there's one thing I'm sure of, and its that whatever the mythic Entomb card is, it will be very pushed. Is it going to be standard-pushed or eternal-pushed? Who knows. But if they go for a utility creature rather than a midrange value beater, we could have a sweet vintage card on our hands. Again, recent design trends tells us it will a midrange value beater, but they've made statements recently that suggest they have learned from recent mistakes and might swap things up. If we get something like a 1-2drop that exiles all graveyards when it ETBs (and when token ETBs), or has a tax effect, or stops non-drawstep draws, then we're in business, and that doesn't seem completely out of the realm of possibility to me.

edit: welp mobile definitely caused me some trouble there, sorry for the deleted duplicate below