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Redirection effects like Misdirection sometimes causes the game to restart! This kind of bug is very annoying but overall MTGO is a good place to play vintage.

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I love your Vintage articles they are very enlightenment about the format! =D

I'm not really sure if I have saw this list in an article but have you saw this Dredge list that runs Mox Sapphire/Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall?

I have played against it and It is very strong. It doesn't have the Force of Will protection package but If your opponent could not combo or do something "unfair" It is very hard to disrupt.

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Hi! I'm "Master_Hades" on MTGO. I'm new to vintage and started after the competitive leagues announcement. Before I got the format staples I tried to play with Dredge but I was not wise enough to play pos-sideboard. My favorite deck right now is Ojutai Standstill but I always like to adjust my list with some unusual techs like Starfield of Nyx + Decree of Silence.

Other formats I play are Modern, Legacy and Commander 1v1.