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big ol' dorkus. im not a nerd, nerds are smart. L2 judge

plays UW Delver/Mentor

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As much of a fan of Misdirection I am (nothing feels better than stealing Ancestral Recall), it feels pretty weak and underwhelming right now. The last few times I tried it, whenever it was in my hand, I'd either wish it wasn't, or I'd end up pitching it to Force

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I've actually used a one of stifle in a build of mentor I was running and I found it to do some decent work. I've hit a Forgemaster, I've won through an Oath activation, among other things. I'm not sure about running too many of them, but I liked it as a 1 of. Almost wanted to try 2.

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UW Delver Mentor? I wrote "Eldrazi" on my decklist, though.