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@Juggernaut-GO Why does everything have to be skill-testing and complicated to some people? It's irritating when people patronize others about what decks they play or whatever. Shops is probably an easier deck to play, but why the need to denigrate? Those "clearly inferior" Shops players may just enjoy the stategy. I hate blue decks. Even though I know they're better, I just can't stand the circle-jerking inherent in every durdly blue deck. I also despise how some blue players look down on others in the same fashion you just did. Pros lose and it seems like rather than accept that they may have gotten beaten and try to fix the issue, the assume it was bad luck or some broken cards. Whether or not it's true, it smacks of sour grapes. Anyway, let's let people "mourn" their beloved Shops and silently curse Sam Black in peace.

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@boggyb Again, this argument about losing to bad players with overpowered cards bothers me. We all (theoretically at least, cost concerns do play a role in some instances) have access to the same card pool. If all you're concerned about is skill (which I realize the above post mentioned other factors too, this is a more generic response), and something is overpowered why not play it too and prove your skill as the superior player with the same deck? Magic as a game has give and take where some things beat others. The elitist tone in a lot of the comments here (Soly's in particular) is maddening. Someone downplaying the Shops skill-level-requirement explain to me why the only decks that require "skill" are the blue decks containing all the most busted cards ever printed, draw spells and tutors and counterspells? I'm more impressed by skill levels when people innovate and win without those busted cards (which include plenty of the traditional Shops' cards as well, most notably Workshop itself), like winning with non-blue or non-traditional lists in legacy.

Bottom line, can we quit the passive-aggressive "I'm more skilled than you and now I'll prove it because those terrible MtG players who were propped up by that easy Shops deck don't have their best toys anymore!"

Winners rise to the top irrespective of the obstacles placed in front of them...and they sure as shit don't cry and whine about someone else doing something that messes with their world without attempting to make changes.

Shops either will or won't be an archetype anymore. I'll at least keep trying...

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@Soly Or, you know, you could've actually run some removal and fixed your garbage manabase...just a thought. Seriously, some minor deck adjustments on the blue mage'S part, and suddenly Shops aren't much of a concern.