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ARCI Benassi
Viale Sergio Cavina 4
40139, Bologna, Italy

Details will be found on website and facebook and event. 15 proxies (playtest cards) allowed.
All four dates are already out of what is becoming the defacto EU series with both Eternal formats, previous stop even had many friends visiting from the US for a streak of Eternal events in Italy and was covered by @JACO on his own Eternal Central.
First half of the year, especially Q1, is always low on Eternal events: come for Vintage, stay for 150p Legacy on Sunday.

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Vintage All Stars on Friday is sort of a High Rollers event with 100 euros entry fee and bigger prizes as opposed to the regular main event on Saturday. I convinced the TO to stream mostly Vintage in those two days and then Legacy on Sunday since I got Brassman to fly all the way to commentate what is th edefact ETERNAL tournament in EU.

TO also finally agreed to allow 15 proxies for Vintage, sadly it might be quite late to significantly boost attendance, but I hope it's a good start for the future.

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Thanks for covering Italian Vintage! Just some clarifications: MKM is just one of the sponsors for 4 Seasons, which is an Eternal tournament series with 4 (figures) stops per year. The thing around all Bologna LGS, was just something the TO organized as a bridge between his event and the GP during the week in between.

Definitely look forward to Nebraska's War all the US expedition will be there and we'll even have @Brass-Man commentating!

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@John-Cox yeah, notably it's the first time Joe does well when coming to EU, hopefully trend continues with Nebraska later.

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More informations: 4 seasons (which is in Bologna, not Milan) is becoming the most popular series in Europe, being the only one allowing 15 proxies so Vintage actually fires. Those that usually come and the US guests can attest about the quality of the event, but coverage is still mostly geared towards Italians.

Regarding meta and top8, numbers in EU are so small that events are even less relevant than the weekly P9Challenge, with tons of blue petdecks also this time almost all the few Shops specialists were missing. Bernardo's deck is a 2019 rendition of the TPS deck of designed to fight 4 Trinisphere Shops.

@JACO be on the lookout for the upcoming (5th-8th) Nebraska's War the defacto big Eternal event in EU. This year we'll have @Brass-Man commentating it, a big step towards more international coverage. (sadly still no proxies)

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Schedule's out for Vintage: premium on Friday, main event and rebound on Saturday, sadly again no proxies allowed.

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Details are posted, reach out to TO Andrea Gabellini if you're overstaying for the GP, lot of stuff planned in Bologna.

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Most details of the tournaments are out, there is quite a big group coming from overseas, tag along if you can!

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To everyone that thinks there are no more Vintage events, may I suggest you 4 Seasons: 4 times per year in Bologna, 15 proxies and coming with a 150p Legacy on Sunday and Nebraska's War: every December in Lucca, the defacto Eternal tournament in Europe with TWO Vintage and a 300p Legacy.

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