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Is there any merit to having Skullclamp in the main somewhere to draw off the Servo tokens?

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I'm bummed that LSV won't be returning for this season.

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I read the article and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I know he made some play mistakes and had game warnings, almost losing in the finals because of it, but is that all? PM me if you don't wan to post accusations because I would really like the full scoop on the story. Thanks!

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Thank you for posting this but why the disclaimer? Is there some sort of controversy involving the players?

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From what I understand, there are only 20 being printed for now. One sold on eBay last night for $810 and there are two others listed for $1,000 and $1,500. $1k doesn't seem unreasonable for the low print run and it being the first foiling. I did hear that they will issue two more waves of them to L3's and L2's, similar to how they issued Mana Drains.

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I was curious if anyone knew if there were going to be Vintage side events at GP Louisville. Its an SCG event and I don't know how often they attempt them. The last SCG GP I went to was GP New Jersey and they had 4 events that fired. I'm sure it's easier to get Vintage events to fire on the east coast compared to Louisville.