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As someone who sold out of MTGO many months ago, the idea of a p9c every weekend has me pretty excited and I pay bite the bullet and grab a deck again.

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@Juggernaut-GO said:

i timed out and kicked from the event at the start of rnd 3 due to waiting for my chinese food derivery.

was having a lot of fun storming with u/b/w landstill too...

mind's desire fits in every deck!

Gonna need to see this list.

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Click the timestamp next to the username on the post.

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This is a good idea. I'll probably start contributing to this thread when I play dailies. It'll be a good exercise to re-watch my matches and write them up.

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@Prospero said:

@Leoj I lasted through Steve's match with Dave and then couldn't stay up any later (after 1:00 am EST). I know that Steve, Brian and Paul made it. Who was the last one to make it in?

Shuhei. I'll admit I tapped out before Williams/Shuhei because it was like 2:30am.

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Really excited for the three new faces & Steve who qualified last night. Can't wait to see the play-in with new decks next week.

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Fantastic write-up, Rich. Thanks for sharing.