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Obstinate Familiar and the M12 Mike Sutfin art for Grim Lavamancer. I think I know who has Obstinate Familiar b/c I've tracked it to a point but that guy doesn't respond consistently and haven't heard from him in 4+ months and he hasn't confirmed.

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With the restriction dropping shops competitiveness down does this mean Oath is worse to play due to less shops?

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Hey, everyone. This is LandDestroyer on most sites - MrPractical1 on Reddit, but most of you from the high end group know me as Chris G. I'm a mod on ManaLoop and will just paste my Intro from there:

Hey, everyone. This is LandDestroyer (Chris). You might remember me from such films as, MTGsalvation, MOTL, TheManadrain, TheSource, LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Instagram..wait no I'm not on there...Twitter, Imgur, MagicLibrarities, TappedOut, theMeadery, Starcitygames, tcgplayer/brainburst,, your best dream ever, Facebook, and that stall wall in your favorite bathroom.

But I digress. I'm LandDestroyer and I have been on sites dating back 15+ years. On some sites I'm MrPractical sometimes with a # after that.

I live in the midwest (Illinois/Wisconsin) area.
Learned how to play (kind of) in 1998 in Louisiana. Started playing competively (kind of) in 2001 and did so through 2007. Took a break and then ramped back up in 2013.

I play Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and limited. Since this 18 month rotation began I've dropped standard.
Haven't gotten into Commander (only played a few games), 93/94, Pauper, etc but am interested.
I've got a pretty decent knowledge of mtgfinance and you may know me as the Grim Lavamancer guy b/c of my global playset project.

I play Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball...recently got into Texas Holdem, some video games including rockband/guitar hero. I got married in 2015 and definitely overachieved b/c she is awesome.
I love to travel and have been to all 50 states. Next year I start knocking out other continents.

Here are links to my information from other sites if you need to reach me elsewhere and at the end just random other links to my stuff.

My Youtube Channel
MtgSalvation Profile:
Old TMD Profile:;u=5804
The Source Profile:
Magic Librarities Profile:
Facebook Profile:
Ebay Profile:
Reddit Profile:
Imgur Profile:
Twitter Profile:
TappedOut Profile:
SCG Decks:
WOTC Mothership references me:
WOTC Mothership references me:
WOTC Mothership references me:
MTGTop8 lists:
TCGPlayer decklists: Gregory
My First PTQ limited Top 8: Writers/Zandi/2004/2-13.html
My first tournament after my 7 year break:
FB High End References: gregory&referral_surface=direct_link&availability=sold

Until the archived stuff comes back up I may not spend a lot of time on here. There were some threads I was following but didn't save off b/c I've been busy renovating my house.