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Don't worry about Legacy in the bay area, though these all look like they might be a drive for you.

Mondays at 7pm at Eudemonia in Berkeley (4 rounds)
Tuesdays at 7pm at Versus Games in the city (3 rounds)
Somewhere else does Wednesdays...
Thursdays at 7pm at Endgame in Oakland (3 rounds)
Somewhere else does Fridays or Saturdays, as well, I believe
Sundays at 1pm at Anime Imports in Pacifica (3-4 rounds)
CFB and Eudo do big events ~monthly or quarterly

As for Vintage, Eudemonia ~4-5 times per year and a few times at Forgotten Path in Vacaville.

Join the Bay Area Eternal (BAE) Facebook group for better, up-to-date info.

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I was on Two-Card Monte and split top 4.

I beat white Eldrazi (through Leyline of Sanctity) 2-0, colorless Eldrazi 2-0 and Forgemaster Shops 2-1, ID'd twice (played for funsies with Landstill and got wrecked 0-2), then beat a TITI deck 2-0 in the top 8.

The deck felt far better than it seemed when goldfishing, but I think I was also drawing quite a bit better than average... I had a lot of opening hands with a full combo, and drew the timely Tutor / Tinker / Wheel in some instances with no deck manipulation. It seems like a great counter to the Eldrazi menace given the spheres don't cripple you like they do other decks.

Play of the day was in a friendly with white Eldrazi. Turn 1 grind through Leyline. Ancient Tomb (2), Lotus (2RRR), Mana Vault (4RRR), Painter (2RRR), Grindstone (1RRR), REB your Leyline (1RR), activate Grindstone.

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@Stormanimagus Yeah I was just trying to solve the "can counter cards that can't be countered issue." The original card also had other effects and tradeoffs.

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@rikter Just use exile? "If an opponent casts an spell outside his or her main phase, exile that spell."

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I haven't really seen any Chains showing up in top 8 decklists, though. What is the best shell for Chains right now?