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@juice-mane Agree about the As Foretold deck, really fun to play. Been tweaking it a bit and learning how to play it properly but 5-0 does not seem within reach for me : )

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@msg67183 I don't know. For some reason I feel Lavinia slots best into normal big blue control decks but it'll be interesting to see how things pan out : )

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@john-cox Thank you and Happy New Year from Finland (only 2 hours left here...)!

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So UW control with Lavinia in it seems pretty absurd. You can counter everything but opponents can't FoW or misstep back. Throw in wastelands to keep the opponent's land count down and caverns to safely land Lavinia and other humans (Snapcaster, baby Jace and finisher Mentor) and you're good to go : )

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@smmenen fully agree. I returned to vintage in the winter 2016 leading up to Lodestone Golem's restriction, and this if by far the best metagame during my period of playing modern vintage.

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Good article in general. The keep or mulligans might benefit from you telling us whether we are on the play or draw. For instance the hand with possible t1 mana drain is a keep imo on the play but hardly on the draw (since we might get blown out before our t1).

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@john-cox the one benefit with disenchant over fragmentize is that you can float mana in response to stony silence or null rod and blow them up on the opponent's turn.

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@smmenen Thanks for this, very interesting read.

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@nedleeds Now you're talking : ) A similar classic vintage skill is to have Oath, orchard, mox, FoW+blue card in opener.