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Snowydude: What 4 win-cons do you speak of? What percentage of game wins go to Tinker-Bot?
In terms of Pulverize, yeah, great card, but 2 mountains is nigh impossible. Also depends on meta, artifact decks have dropped off a bit percentage wise, with current Eldrazi builds being a current flavor. Hurkyl's, Rebuild are useful in multiple ways, where Pulverize is a nuke for primarily a single deck type.
Key for Storm has always been utility, i.e. a Swiss Army knife is preferable over a scalpel.

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My best Empty the Warrens play was Turn 1 for 18 tokens after casting Time Walk. 😉

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Awesome job guys, so wanted to see this level of a breakdown! MD Defense Grid is big for Storm being able to go off. Both the event itself and this writeup & commentary will help me to better refine my particular build.