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Who's ready to see what madness War of the Spark, Modern Horizons and core20 have brought to paper Vintage along with the London Mulligan?

We are just days away.

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Coming up this weekend.

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Come get your bangers and mash, London comes to Boyertown Pa. Oh wait, not that kind of London. The London Mulligan's full force can be felt on its first legal weekend in MtG as Jason at Deal Me In Games hosts the 6th event in his 2019 Invitational Vintage Series.

We'll be meeting Sunday July 14, 2019 at noon at Deal Me In Games in Boyertown, Pa to sling cardboard, win prizes, earn points and gain bragging rights! July has us back to our regularly scheduled programming on the 2nd Sunday of each month. This will be our first Vintage event in Boyertown with the London Mulligan in effect.

Starting at NOON on Sunday, July 14 we have our monthly store tournament.
Jason at Deal Me In Games

15 playtest T1 tournament (Vintage for you young 'uns)

127 East Philadelphia Ave
Boyertown, PA 19512
ph#: 484-415-0058

Sunday, July at 12 Noon

So we can get together and have fun playing Magic the Gathering in its best format ever for some kickass prizes. ***

***Starting with our January tournament, all prize payouts will be in cash. That's right, you walk in with cash for an entry fee and cards to play and walk out with cold hard cash in hand. Payouts will be based on attendance. The entry fee remains at $35. $5 from each entrant each and every month goes towards to the end of year invitational prizes (2018 we had a mishra's workshop and underground sea for 1st and 2nd). $5 towards the host store and $25 per person goes towards the prize pool. 100% of prize pool payout goes towards top 8 (depending on attendance, may be top 4).

Because this is a cash payout, please bring cash for the entry fee.

As always, leave some time after the event for dinner and some drinks. Come join our vintage community.

Also you can earn more points towards our year end invitational. Every round you play in you earn:
3 points for a win
2 points for a draw
1 point for a loss
At the end of the season the 8 players with the most points get invited to a special event in January to duke it out for title of store Champion. Prizes in the past years have included multiple duals (underground sea was our 1st place prize in 2017 and 2nd place in 2018) and a Mishra's Workshop (2018 store champion prize)
Our standings year to date will be updated this evening when I get home and have access to the info.

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I was discussing on one of the FB pages - this speeds up ravager shops. Having a ravager and this in play basically means your opponent always has to consider the next turns attack lethal - even if he's at 20 health. It still has the same weakness to Karn, of course, but no answer is across the field perfection.

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So Ponder and git probe in the yard means this is a 2/2 right?
What about something like ancestral visions with no mana cost (not advocating a deck with AV to make this bigger, just questioning how the rules work)?

As far as decks this fits into - seems like a capable finish for mono black control or oath. Consider many strategies against oath include an early 'cant enter except from being cast' type card to stall out oath until they can go off, having this drop on turn 3 or 4 can really change games. We've all seen oath games where oath hits the board, the next turn cage hits the board, then its draw-go for ages. Those become, Oath, then cage, then this after a resolved oath trigger as a 10/10 or something around there. Thats game over.

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@blindtherapy said in [M20] Blightbeetle:

@khahan someone gave you a bad ruling in draft

"An ability that triggers when counters are put on a permanent will trigger if that permanent somehow enters the battlefield with those counters.

Good to know.

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@megantic said in Should all Vintage be 100% proxy?:

What if instead of counterfeit, I said "high quality proxies"? It seems to solve a lot of the issues mentioned. I understand reluctance, but there are not enough vintage players out there to start with to really make it an issue where we are 'encouraging' the counterfeit operations. They already exist, and the focus is not about vintage.

Like I said in another post - if you want high quality, just make sure its EASILY distinguishable from a real card. Having to bust out a jewelers loup, do the light test, etc is not easily distinguishable. Basically, if a cursory look makes somebody think for even a second, "hey, thats a nice looking black lotus", its a counterfeit. Distinguish it somehow. Make it an alternate art, full art, put it thru a foiling process etc. There are any number of things you can do to make a high quality proxy that leaves no doubt to even the most casual player that its not real.

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I'm pretty sure with this play, a ravager still comes in as a 0/0 with a 1/1 counter on it. We'll have to wait for the official ruling but it seems very similar to situations I would run into with Ravnica Allegiance Drafts playing riot cards with simic ascendancy. Since riot creatures enter the battlefield with the 1/1 counter on them, they wouldn't trigger simic ascendancy.

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@wagner said in [M20] Leyline of Combustion:

I'm however a bit rusty and I'm not sure if the trigger from Leyline for the original spell would resolve before Storm triggers or not,

If multiple triggers from the same controller would go on the stack at the same time, the controller chooses the order. Since these (storm and leyline triggers) are most likely not the same controller, then triggers from the active player go on the stack first, then triggers from opponents go on the stack.
So with this in play if somebody casts tendrils the stack would look like this

  1. Leyline trigger to deal 2 damage
  2. storm trigger
  3. tendrils spell

Leyline triggers and deals 2 damage to the storm player.
Storm trigger goes off, say 3 copies. A target is chosen for each copy and goes on the stack, each of which triggers leyline.
The stack is now:

  1. leyline deals 2
  2. leyline deals 2
  3. leyline deals 2
  4. tendrils copy
  5. tendrils copy
  6. tendrils copy
  7. tendrils
    (all assuming the tendrils player just targets everything at the person with this leyline in play).