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@enderfall as stated previously, the inclusion of Shaman is entirely based on metagame. As it stands, I prefer to run 3-4 Grudges in the 75 which bypass the Mental Misstep and are just more versatile because they can catch Null Rod and Spheres reliably.

@NBA84 as a rule of thumb, the first outcome sets you up for the second one, which in turn tends to draw through the entire deck. this is, in my experience, no different from any other outcome lists, those with monolith and opal just do it 1-2 turns earlier with the trade-off of being far less resilient and generally have higher variance. never ever underestimate the power of trinket mage though. rest assured, this deck can go off on turn one too. regarding fastbond, I have actually tested it (back when i experimented with draw7 as well) and usually it's just a win-more kinda deal and often dead when not going off already, so it looks cool on paper but defeats the whole purpose of the list and all in all unnecessary.

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I am the original creator of this deck and was informed that the list got published here, so I may offer some insight and answer all questions regarding the card choices. Feel free to ask me anything regarding the list.

@Brass-Man: The slot is reserved for a win condition. Titania has not been tested by myself as of yet, but was my design as well. The original list plays Ruric Thar in this slot and can be switched to either red Titan or Razormane Masticore in the SB. The Idea behind Titania is to offer a very resilient and fast clock that also supports the hidden (but surprisingly effective) mana denial aspect of the deck. While it doesn't close out the game as fast as Ruric does, it is cheaper and much stronger against JTMS and much more versatile due to the land recursion.

@enderfall: I have playtested wih Brian Kellyquite frequently in 2016/17 but this list has not been seen nor influenced by him in any way. This list is the result of MONTHS of intensive testing and crafting and specifically designed to balance out the weakness of Outcome / beat matchups where Outcome typically struggles (most mentionworthy is BUG Landstill and URBx planeswalkers). Coating has several applications, but the most frequent is to steal stuff with Dack. Note that there are virtually no maindeck solutions to creatures and Coating allows Ancient Grudge and Dack to deal with permanents otherwise untouched by the maindeck - or to put it in perspective, Grudge and Dack are weak against creature-heavy decks (except MUD obvi) and Coating extends the "narrowness" of these cards. But I agree, it is a slightly risky choice and in my video (link below) I mention exactly that. Don't forget that Coating allows for land destruction with Grudge/Dack as well, in an Outcome-heavy meta Gorilla Shaman is a nobrainer in the list which further increases the value of Coating.

@fsecco: Funny you would mention that - we discussed how insane Coating at cmc1 would be in this list quite recently 😉

I produce a series of Eternal Deck Design Videos and I discuss this list briefly in this episode:

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