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Cutting dead cards like Saheeli would be a good start.

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@Smmenen said:

So, who is going to end up being right on Paradoxical Outcome, me or Kevin? 🙂

Who has which opinions?

I think it's gonna see a lot of play at least in the upcoming months. It's very good and I think I was the first to say that this will get restricted. I must admit that I'm not so sure about that now. The builds does seem to have a lot of weaknesses.

On another note. I'll now predict that Kambal, Consul of Allocation will turn out to be the best card from this set. The card is bananas.

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  1. Yawgmoth's Will
  2. Tolarian Academy
  3. Monastery Mentor
  4. Lodestone Golem
  5. Trinisphere/Jace the Mind Sculptor
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I don't think that Liliana is very good if you expect a lot of Pyromancer/Mentor. It's probably decent against Eldrazi and the likes, but Daretti is better.

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@5space said:

@Soly said:

I will say, I do reserve the right to change my mind about this probably restrictable card. LOLOLOL.

You got some pretty nasty plays out of it on Cockatrice! That was epic.

Sorry, I know this isn't the right place discuss this, but what Cockatrice server do you guys use? I'm brand new at it.

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@L0cke17 said:

So after playing it significantly in testing over the past couple weeks, I'm convinced this card is just insanely good. I would put even money on it appearing in both the vintage and legacy top 8s this year.

In what kind of shell have you had succes with it?

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@enderfall said:

@JuzamJim Are you referring to a Turn 1/2 Probe, or any Probe cast at any point of the game? I'd venture that Turn 1/2 Probes are Misstep-ed far more often than not. Of course, context is everything, but sometimes Missteps are more valuable to protect your creatures from Bolt/Plow or to avoid Recall blow-outs, etc. Doesn't mean the card is any less oppressive. Brainstorm and Ponder are restricted and they certainly aren't worthy of misstep all the time.

In my experience turn 1/2 Probes are rarely Misstepped as well (unless the opponent has two Missteps in hand), but I can see that our experiences differ on this matter. I don't think that Probe is the problem. It's a fair card in it self. The problem is Mentor. Pyromancer is good but fair. Mentor is just rediculous and should never have been printed.