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My thoughts exactly. The card is a worst version of Seal, which currently sees basically no play. While I do think a deck could be brewed around this and Citadel, I don't think the deck would be bonkers by any means.

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@colbey81 if you can get things going in WI or Iowa, I'm sure a few of us from Chicago would venture your way. I have heard there may be an event in a few weeks here in the city... but nothing confirmed yet.

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Any idea when deck lists will be up?

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@Soly said in Paradoxical Storm (Keep or Mulligan):

'Regardless the situation' seems a little agressive. I've only looked at hand 1 in some detail (Silly work keeping me busy) but Hand 1 is a mulligan against known Dredge, known Workshops on the draw, and maybe even known Workshops on the play.

I question the call against Dredge... suppose it depends if you know what variation they are on. It has been my experience that Paradoxical Storm just out-speeds dredge most games. I think that on the play vs Dredge, I am keeping hand 1 all day.

Turn 1:
(if resolves)
should hit 1 or 2 artifact mana, either Twister that turn, or turn 2
(if countered)
pass turn

They play bazaar, pass

Turn 2:
(Draw 0 drop mana)
Land->rock->Tutor for Lotus->Twister
(Draw non-0 drop mana)
Land-Tutor for Lotus->Twister