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@hrishi Especially the round 10 one... Coval was dead on board, and had no way to resolve a spell given the gamestate.

It left a bitter taste in a lot of viewers mouths, but rules are rules.

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Does anyone know when Vintage will begin its stream? Will it be on the CardTitan twitch channel?

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@Prospero I would make it out to your events, and even bring 1 or 2 people with me. To help make it successful, I'd even open up my home to allow 1-2 non locals a spot on my couches to make it easier for [ut of towners to attend the tournament if necessary.

This tournament is one of the largest in the country, and has a strong brand and a solid following. But, like with all things, change is inevitable. I completely understand the nostalgia aspect of things, but an inflates secondary market is a real thing. I know we have had a weekend of events every year, but I would suggest a smaller side event or two for those who scrubbed out of the main one (to start round 3 or round 4) which would provide more competitive playtime for those who come in from far, or even to help recoup costs. Side event could also be Vintage, or could be Legacy, Old School or a "Pre-Modern" event (I forgot the name, but basically was old border legal with a ban list) and could possibly be scheduled to draw non-Vintage players to the event at a time where main event players would start thinning out.

Regardless, NYSE has been a success for the community and I would like it to remain so and still be worth your time, effort and expense.

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@garbageaggro said in Workshop Aggro:

I am starting to be interested in the workshops archetype, I have been playing various blue, hatebears, and eldrazi decks in vintage for years, but I haven't worked much in the Mishra's personal playroom. I am grateful for this over-arching primer (thanks @Brass-Man !), but I don't understand why this archetype hasn't gotten more love. As far as I know, there are many different approaches to Shops from different folks in the community, but there are basically know focused primers on different versions of the deck. Any chance I could call upon those folks to write up some specifics about what makes THEIR shops different and better/worse than other versions?

PM me and I'd be happy to discuss my ideas and experiences

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@wintage There was a decent number of people who were playing Smash to Smithereens, which makes Precursor Golem potentially lethal for its caster if they have taken enough Ancient Tomb damage. It was enough reason to dissuade me from playing it.

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@walking-dude There are stores on Long Island and New Jersey that are not too far away (decent access by car) that hot regular Vintage tournaments. Unfortunately, none within NYC (the five boroughs) that organize it at least once a month, although I've spoken to a few store owners willing to try it.

The big issue is parking, as NYC doesn't have stores with access to free parking for large groups of players, and worrying about feeding the meter is a pain when you are in the middle of a round playing. With NYC being so packed and continuously building upward, it pushes parking availability out, which discourages players from out of the area (1+ hours away) from wanting to travel to play. That means lower tournament turnout, which leads to

  1. Lower prize Support (the main draw for players)
  2. Fewer rounds played (which lowers the justification for paying for parking)
  3. Fewer skilled players (the main draw for competitors, and a big way to grow a scene aside from loading upo on prize support)

The last tournament I organized was at Kings Games back in 2005 or 6 for a Mox Emerald, and at the time, it only drew 22 players. The main issue was having to pay 8-10 bucks for parking or risk a 3+ hour communte from outside NYC via public transportation to an area not in Manhattan. And Manhattan commercial rents at that time were skyrocketting to the point where if I had to host a monthly, stores wanted me to rent the space for the day to do it. It was unsustainable.

Kudos to Nick Detwiler in helping grow a scene in NY. I couldn't.

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@khahan said in Deal Me In Games 8/12/17 Vintage series #4 Results:

I also want to add a personal plug for Jason at Deal Me In Games here. The prize support we post is based on attendance of 30 people. I just want to note that Jason has NEVER once scaled prize support down. Even when we had 12, he offered full prize support (the top 8 basically begged and insisted on lesser support).

When he offered the Bazaar of Baghdad at 30 and we hit 24 - he still gave out the bazaar. I suggested he up the entry fee to $35 to use the extra $5 to offset the prize for the top 8 at the end of the year and he refused. So while I'm the visible face who does all the advertising, Jason is the one who takes all the financial risk and puts himself on the line. He never fails to be a stand-up TO and shopkeeper when it comes to prizes. So a big thanks to Jason for all his support for the T1 community this year!!

This in itself makes me want to drive the extra 1.5 hours for the next tournament to show this shop some love and support. I'm quite a distance away, but I'll make sure I can schedule to make one of these tournaments. People say they love Vintage, but the way to do it is to put your money where your mouth is.

As soon as I can get another manager for my facility, I will be scheduling time to come down.

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@walking.dude I live in NYC and if you ever want to grind out games to test these things out, you can PM me and see if we can get down. I would much rather draw conclusions from testing than random hypotheticals if the sample size is large enough.