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Maybe different punishments depending on what color creature equips it?

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I mean you could make it tap for:

1G or 1 Colorless

Or do a Dual Land that also taps for colorless.

But yeah, not a lot of upside for them in this direction (at least for the moxes, maybe the duals).

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I hate the decision as an adult, but might have loved it as a kid, so maybe it’s the right decision.

I hope it doesn’t become FunkoPop Magic and really wished they had made these separate games (but powered under MTG rule set), but what can you do. I’m sick of complaining with their decisions the last two years (mass secret lairs, banned cards, pushed power, and all the variants). I would have loved to see some of this stuff on slower rollout, but that’s not the world we live in.

I won’t quit, but I’ll probably take a big step back depending how widespread the IP becomes.

If the IP is here and there and doesn't overwhelm the game, I’ll probably learn to accept it like every other decision.

If if becomes Star Wars vs Marvel heroclix, I doubt I’ll maintain interest. I can find infinite exposure to IP everywhere else.

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I hate to say it, but I kind of feel like if you are spending $100,000 on something without even the most basic understanding of it.....well you kinda deserve it.

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I agree with this post, and enjoyed the reminiscing. I will say that I'm not sure what the right price is for a card, as Vintage cards have always just "been out of reach" for common sense. Whether that was $200 to a kid in the 90s or $10,000 today. Those that took the plunge, or grinded away, have been rewarded with frequent price appreciation.

Some bullet points:

  • I think a lot of the RL prices will drift back down when live events start again. Lots of people don't want to buylist right now and don't need hobby money for travel, expos, tournaments, etc.
  • Not sure reprints solve the problem. Collector's Edition brought 14,000 new P9 into the market, and it didn't change much. MTGO has almost free P9, but online Vintage hasn't spiked.

Of all the things that has reduced my interest in Vintage, it's the never-ending sets and spoilers and constantly "pushed" cards. While it is exciting to see an ever-changing field of Vintage, it's also splintered the casuals off to Old School.

Will they come back? There are not a ton of compelling reasons for someone to start playing Vintage today, and the barrier to entry is massive. Would reprints solve that?

Is it the format or the availability of cards?

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I'm sure nostalgia plays an element in my opinion, but I too prefer a distinct Brown (or any other color for that matter) for artifacts. When sorting cards, the White and Silver are very indistinguishable- especially in foil.

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I didn't get much traction the first time I posted it, but I still stand by the idea and think it could be fun to explore. The major issue is that Vintage is such a small portion of players. They seem to either want a fast metagame (MTGO) or a glacial one (Old School). There doesn't seem to be an in between.

I'd love to explore Magic's history again. Maybe someday I'll try again, year by year.


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@protoaddict said in [CMR] Jeweled Lotus:

@joshuabrooks said in [CMR] Jeweled Lotus:

I think they would because many commander players don’t have $200-$600 for duals and never will.

Again, that does not work. If they backdoored dual lands like this all it would do would be add another dual. The ideal manabase for that deck would likely still want the original dual and the new one and cut something else like a shock land.

I agree, they would need some awkward form of text like "Volcanic Island 2.0 may not be in play at the same time as Volcanic Island," or whatever needs to be done.

That said, this is the closest they have come to toeing the RL line and commander provides a way to do it.

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I think they would because many commander players don’t have $200-$600 for duals and never will.

If they “reprint” true duals (with commander backdooring), they will sell lots of packs.

That’s why they would circumvent the RL with commander only RL cards.

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This is a gateway to reprinting “functional identical” RL lands.

True duals lands that can only be the colors of your commander.

A true black lotus that can only give you colors of your commander.

A gaea’s cradle that can only be a color of your commander.

A Mox that can only give you a color of your commander.

A time walk that works any turn you haven’t cast your commander.

You get the point. This is a great “cheat” to the RL.

I suspect we’ll be seeing the duals soon.

...and I’m sure we’ll see them try to force commanders into constructed again soon. Companion didn’t work, maybe their next try will.