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"why so many feel that the Vintage meta-game is bad". It's easy to get that feeling when reading vintage related posts on the internet. But it's just that the internet is for whining. Everywhere, all the time, whine whine.
One of the reasons I love the so many insane plays podcast is that they are so full of enthusiasm, like all the time. Enthusiasm is rare on the internet and it's very easy to be shot down when trying to be enthusiastic about something.
If you don't like current vintage, take a break and come back some months later, play legacy or old-school. Try playing the decks you feel contempt for. Do something. Hell, even talk about in one thread someone else started. Don't create a new thread with the same whine. It's poisonous.
Enthusiasm > whine.

Well guess I wrote a whole post and ending up with whining about whining.

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I think people are overeacting and needs to calm down. LSG was restricted because shops continued to be overrepresented even after chalice restriction. 38 % in februari on mtgo according to CHA1N5. It's understandable that MTGO results are the most reliable to WotC and one could argue that WotC have no reason to care about non-sanctioned events at all.

The reactions were much the same after the chalice restriction. Everybody talked about a combo winter that never came. Everybody blamed the VSL. Some believed color-shops would make a return. Known shop-player said he would quit vintage, it seems he is quitting now again. Hear me on this... nothing will change (almost).

That said, i'm dissapointed that there was no real shakeup of vintage. I would have liked to see mental misstep, gush, and dark petition restricted in addition to LSG. My prediction for the future is that the metagame will stay the same, dredge-gush-storm-shops metagame with some oath-big blue-hatebears that needs luck with it's matchups to win.

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What's your verdict on the oath package? To me it seems kind of strange that you dedicate 8 cards to the oath package, and do not bring it in vs stax, i understand that it's because the lack of orchards but still, that's a lot of sb-space.
If i read correctly, it seems like you only oathed once during the daily. I wonder if those 8 sideboard slots would have been better as something else?

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If you own 3+ underground seas in paper you can sell one and get a complete vintage deck. Not really a waste of money, an unused underground sea is on the other hand a waste of money (imo). For me buying into mtgo is the best magic related thing i done in a long time. Only wished more people in europe would do it so i could play the vintage league's at 'strange' times. Currently only playing legacy because of that. Local paperscene is almost dead, old-school thrives but vintage was even more dead before that started.

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@evouga It also makes dack fayden unable to come down before turn 3, and harder to protect with misstep.
I think this card will be huge in control mirrors. And obviously vs combo.

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@wagner said in Single Card Discussion - Lavinia, Azorious Renegade:

When a new blue card gets printed, everyone is super happy to have a new toy, but when a new hate card gets printed, people throw a tantrum because they can't use their toys like they want.

If this is true, then why are you opposed to it? Everyone being super happy seems better than everyone not being happy.

My opinion: The problem with most hatebears is that they do not add anything interesting. When i started playing vintage it was purely because of the interesting control mirrors and the occasional combo matchup. To a really small degree other decks existed like sligh/suicide/stacker etc. But they were the uninteresting matchups that were handled by tutor for moat/balance mostly. This uniqueness of vintage was what made me start playing it over say standard and extended. That's why I'm not happy when new hatebears gets printed. I know this is subjective, but still it's how I feel.
I also know that hatebears are not really a viable strategy in today's vintage meta. But that don't stop people from playing it because hatebears are high variance decks and when they get lucky and draw the right hate they can win, and winning feels good so people think it could be viable. This results in a kind of 'landmine' feeling when I face someone in a tournament and they happened to have t1 thalia of cavern.

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I was not the one calling them "lesser", that came from the post i quoted which implied that these "lesser" decks should have their piece of the pie...

Don't recall i said that any creature deck is dominating? All i said was that there is more creatures now than before and that i don't like "hatebear" matchups.

I actually hate complaining and very much prefer enthusiasm. I saw this thread, read some post i agreed with saying that they dislike "hatebears" and what came next was a flurry of posts arguing about "blue mages this blue mages that". Suddenly someone implies that everybody should love change, love the new creature focused development or else they are equal to
"People on top with all the privileges have been there long enough that they don't understand the lower class is actually struggling to get to their level. "
Seems absurd to me...