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We had 19 in Edmond, OK at Storm Brew Games this weekend (was very surprised by the turnout, to be honest). Plans are to schedule events every other month.

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Madness Comics and Games in Denton, TX has proxu vintage about every quarter (usually the week after set release). They also ran 4 EW vintage trials last season.

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Making the trek from OK would be rough. We make the round trip to Denton for Vintage in a day, but an 8hr drive one way would require 2 days of travel. Not opposed to that, but the draw would have to be fairly large (50+ people, high entry mostly paid out in prizes) to warrant the extra day of travel and a hotel room.

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@fsecco FWIW, this appears to be modern, and GY order does not matter in that format.

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A prize for best finishing non-proxy deck feels like a 'rich get richer' scenario if you are trying to grow a community. Reduced entry for no proxies and/or prizes for highest unpowered finish seem more in line with what you are trying to do.

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@neo_altoid absolutely! there are lots of ways to acknowledge a good game w/o physical contact.

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Regardless of reason, no one has the right to anyone else's body. Ever. Win or lose, you are allowed to offer a handshake but expecting it in return is an entitled position. The reason behind your opponent refusing to shake does not matter. They don't want to touch you, and you have to respect that.

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@vaughnbros I think the deck is perfectly fine as it. Could it be made more powerful? Sure. Does it need to be pushed? No.

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@vaughnbros There have been quite a few people pioneering lands in vintage for a while and doing decently with it.

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@moorebrother1 Depends on your definition of playable! 😄
It's another version of the all in combo deck (akin to paradoxical, IMO) but at the end of the day its a worse version of paradoxical.