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im not able to connect to it ?
there is no 404 page its just like taking impossibly long to load in all my browsers.; Anyone else having the problem?

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nvm found it, up?

Please guys any suggestions would be great.

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How do i get to the forum where I can see my cube list?

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Hey guys, here's my vintage cube. I'm finding that it's heavy blue. This cube unlike the mtgo cube or most other vintage cubes i've played on cockatrice is focused around the vintage metagame so most of the cards have come from vintage tournament reports. People who draft cubes dont get this. Whether or not that makes a worse cube is up for debate however this cube is full of broken and 2 card combos. Games, much like in vintage, can end turn 1 or go to turn 100.

Additionally I splashed some other strageties in the deck which might be taking away from the power level of those colors, namely the entire replenish/enchantress strategy.

Chaos Orb. I really want to play chaos orb in my cube and you can read my thoughts on it there. I really like the idea of an untargetable colorless vindicate that hits one permanent.

The cube is also technically built for players to draft 4 packs and not 3 during a draft. I dont like the idea of not drafting all of the cards in a cube because people might build strategies on one card.

Cards I want to add: Voltaic Construct - combos with monoliths, metalworker, vault, and a few others.

Ideally I would like as much cross pollination and synergy as possible.

Strageties that could use help: RGbeats and GW aggrobears. Might add loxodon warhammer//armadillo cloak//moldervine cloak (CP dredge)

Any and all thoughts will be considered. I also draft everyday on cockatrice with support from which if you dont know the site it's really cool for simulating normal drafts.

Not supported: Tribal decks (merfolk, elves, goblins, etc) (note I dont really count humans... but arguably thats a tribe thats in this deck)

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Why is that?

Eitherway, I really would love to have my work sit in a gallery somewhere. That would be such a stroke of ego 😛

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Thanks for your response. I've actually been told orange and white drips is "finished" a few times from other peoples which makes kind of want to keep it as is. I just dont feel its really "art" with any substance because It really is just spraypaint.

You are also the first to say gravity appealed to you. Its actually the one I want to make prints of most.

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I generally dont pay much attention to anything an opponent does, comments on etc etc. From what I found, not caring about them and focusing on the game is better for me to focus.

When i do get lucksacked, i usually acknowledge the loss and take it like a man. Shit happens what are you gonna do.

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haha thats pretty sweet. Guess good things do happen to this community sometimes

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There is also the whole concept of turning nominal draws into SKILL. ie, a skillful player would know to bluff or something where as an unskilled player would do nothing with his nominal draw and ultimately the "hidden" information that the opponent does not have.

Its minor things like these, as well as capitalizing on every incremental advantage you can get. Vintage, in my opinion, is some of the tightest unforgiving magic one can play. Because of that, if one wants to do well, they need to turn incremental advantage into momentum then use that momentum to cripple an opponent, often in a quick fashion.

The opponent may look at this as he got lucky with his draws or I got unlucky with my draws etc etc however, after looking at matches, I found that most often enough, the loss/win can be tracked and for the most part directly correlated to the amount of incremental advantage (basically CA in general terms, includes trading other resources for opponents resources such as life or cards in deck)

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Hey all... I cant seem to upload photos here for some reason. (maybe its img by link?? idk)

anyway, would love to know what people think about my art. Specifically what your favorites are because I the near future I am going to be making prints and I think that having an idea of what most people like would be beneficial.

So yeah! Please give a look! Any comments are much appreciated!