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Depends on your meta, but I would think that I would rather have the discard over Trickbind everywhere but doomsday.
Alot of people play with Voltaic just for the old borders an fun factor. With sphinx in the deck it may not really matter.
Just 0.02c.

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Might try Manifold Key in place of Voltaic, and I would suggest a few Thoughtseize in the board.

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You say that, but I wouldn't be surprised if the average Vintage player was a Boomer. A lot of us have been playing for 20+ years and weren't kids when magic started.

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I'm considering foiling out my vintage deck and there are a few cards that can't be foils. How big of a deal is this in competitive tournaments? Is this just an issue if all the non foils have something in common (IE are moxes and duals)?
I don't play at a lot of big paper tournaments but I may want to down the road.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Sea Gate Stormcaller:

@blindtherapy I appreciate the devil's advocate. True, if the opp has flusterstorm, you could pay the 2 mana for the FS instead of on stormcaller. But, that's likely a much less likelihood than the times the opp has FoW or FoN or REB or nothing and you get value out of this guy with the copy. Again, mindbreak doesn't trigger off the copy, only when you CAST a 3rd spell. So unless they are hardcasting mindbreak, you have no worries there - and if they are hardcasting, your original spell had no chance anyway, and at least you end up with a 2/1 as opposed to nothing. Granted, that 2/1 could have been Preordain #4 or something, but the ability to double your time walk or ancestral or ponder makes this a better option imo.

@desolutionist Agreed. This is a slower snapcaster that is immune to grave hate. The spell you would flashback with snappy has the same weaknesses as the spell you'd copy with stormcaller - in 99% of cases you will get at least 1 use of the instant/sorcery through a conterspell. But this is not bad in duplicates and allows you to get more value from singleton snappy or arcanist since you don't exile the spell you copy. Perhaps MOST important to me is that you completely dodge grave hate, which is 50% of all SBs and often maindecked in some number given the prevalence of hollowvine and dredge variants.

Where this is better than snapcaster is that you get the bonus spell for free. That IMO is the draw to this over snapcaster.

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Theres got to be something cute you can do with this and rite of replication or some similar spell.

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@ten-ten said in [ZRN] Roiling Vortex:

Christmas beats may come early this year šŸ˜‚

Iā€™d run this along side Magus/Blood moon, Ouphe/Null rod.

But you already have Eidolon of the Great Revel and Cindervines. You wan't Mindbreak Trap anyways in case they turn zero you. Do you really need 16 (24 with Ouphe and Rod) cards against PO?
I would play this before Eidolon but there's already way too much anti storm stuff out there for this to be profitable.
I could see this in Mono Red Moon.dec

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Xerox wouldn't run this.
If you keep force back to protect this in any blue deck, you eat 5 damage (PO will always have at least one bounce). It's viable against Hollow Vine but doesn't beat them. This doesn't beat any deck, its a speed bump that's symmetrical.
I don't like it. I would rather have null rod, and I play ouphe instead of null rod already.

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Is that a better sideboard card than whats available? The decks that would use it would get hurt by it. Everyone else has better or can't cast it.

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Landfall looks like a big part of the new zendikar set, this could be a foil for that in standard. We could be reading way to much into this.