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I really liked the read. You mentioned nature's claim, is natural state better right now? I feel like in a deck like RUG 4 life can matter.
Thanks again for churning out great content!

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I saw this add on another site. It says "The one and only", referencing arena. I see that as meaning MODO is on borrowed time and I don't like that. I'm considering cashing out.
Does anyone else have insight into this? Am I over reacting?

alt text

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This looks like a really nice event!

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@aelien said in Green Eldrazi:

Add ancient stirrings for sure.
Iam not sure how viable this becomes as distribution without the white Hatebears might be lower.
I guess FoV, Ouphe, Wastelands and Veil of summer has to be enough.
Do you want to build a powerless budget version?

Yeah a powerless version.

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This seems inevitable. Crop rotation into a Sol land would be good, -you get Oupphe and spirit guides. Some versions of colorless already run Crucible of worlds, so a Ramunap excavator or two should make sense,

Any thing else I should throw into this before I sleeve it up?

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One cool thing about leagues is the prize structure, you about break even at 3-2 (3 wins). At a 5-0 score you get some bragging rights. It's not common for most players to 5-0 a league. I could go on 5 win streaks in 1 vs 1 competitive matches, it's harder in a league for some reason.

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Sensei's top gets ridiculous with Ramunap Excavator. Or just on its own with all the Fetchlands you can play.

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I don't know if this has been suggested, but would it be worth trying Hermit Druid as a secondary (tertiary?)engine in survival?
One activation on your first main phase would put Vengevines and Hoggak in the yard (plus Wonder). Delving two of the Hoggaks would put the Vengevines onto the battlefield.
I thought I would throw this out there.

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@Brass-Man also had a really cool BG survival deck that could very easily be made powerless. It also had very few (if any) duals.
Moxen in that deck aren't really great, -you play Collector Ouphe which shuts them off. They also can't be tutored with survival and Elvish Spirit Guide can be.