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@wfain You could definetly go mono green. Don't get trapped in red for looting. Blue has careful study and a whole bunch of similar effects. The only downside of playing blue is that to be optimal you want a walk and an ancestral, -which can't really be swapped for spirit guides and a petal.

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There's a tournament match on YouTube where little Jace functions through a Jailer. Is that an error? This was a paper match.

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I play Mono Red Moon and its great. If you want something different try Brassman's Survival list with Serum Power in place of Bazaar. You'll get aggro hands and be able to maximize the turn one Survival hands.

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Heads up MTG Salvation is shutting down today it looks like. The do have a new site planned out though.

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@wfain said in Survival:

I’m currently testing out a 4 Trademage version with no survivals.

I played a list a while back with no survival and 8 loot effects. It was very good but would have rolled over to missteps on my loot cards. Bazaar Trademage is an upgrade. I don't know if 4 is enough.

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The number of important restricted cards is going to be important too.

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Yeah, I was thinking with a lattice out.

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Hey, if there is a Karn, the Great Creator out does this work on any spell? Is that a route to look at? Maybe in Eldrazi?

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I play a game called Everquest. They have TLP servers the "TLP" stands for "Time Locked Progression". The server starts out with no expansions like it was in 1999, and every 3 months adds an expansion. This has been very successful and for a video game that started out 20 years ago, its amazing that they are still adding servers.

Theres also a similar thing happening soon with WoW, so the model is defiantly portable.

Here is a link to Ice T trash tralking on behalf of the top two guilds during the lead up to the launch of the most recent 2 servers.

TLDR; I like the idea and think it could take off.