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@gutocmtt said in Vintage R/G Burn:

The question here is: are you doing anything better than monored prison?

I do have vintage Mono-Red deck sleeved up IRL. I'm just looking for another option and to use my beta forks.
Also isn't 16 lands, power, 10ish creatures just inevitably U/R delver?

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Anyone have thoughts on Hooting mandrils? Or maybe survial? I tried mandrils last night and they weren't great (not enough to delve them out early on) any idea's what could make that happen more often?
I'll try Goyf.
Blood Moon is in my side board and is ok.
Thanks for the feedback, the burn in the shops match is to hit ballistas and ravagers, hence I don't have PoP. I think you are right that this is more of a controlish list. I may need to go back to the drawing board for this deck idea.

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I want a vintage burn deck with Eidolon of the Great Revels and null rods for the PO match, the burn in the deck (along with the rods) to help the shops match, and the splash from the rest of the deck to hit the blue decks.

This is what I have currently,

alt text

Possible sideboard cards include ensnaring bridge and blood moon. The Dryad Militant's were originally goblin guides but the interaction was better than the clock.

I'm considering Cinder Vines.
I had been using power, but I'm currently trying without to see if that functions with null rod better.- It doesn't seem to so far.
Fork has been really good, Fireblast has been good, (but I only ever want to see one of either).
Forked bolt is really great, this deck wants to tap out. There are very few cases that shock is better.
The Deck wouldn't exist without Light Up the Stage.

I'm throwing this out there, I could use advice and ideas.
I know there are a few cards that should be in there. (chalice etc) I don't currently own them online.

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I found some goblin tokens that were Russian for 20 cents each, so I'm rocking 30 Russian goblins.
-Hope to get them altered.

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I would go into this field assuming a lot of the sideborad hate has been main decked. Otherwise take a deck that usually losses to sideboards and has a high game one win rate and play that. (dregde, shops, PO)

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Trying to beat the field is hard. I think a big blue deck might be able to do it, maybe shops. If you try to have a better game against 3/4 of the field and eat the losses you might do better. My picks would be big blue or shops for the whole field, assuming a lot of MD dredge hate out there.

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@juice-mane said in Tickle me Elmo:

The second rule of internet: don't feed the troll

First rule of internet is "don't talk about internet?"

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@thecravenone said in Tickle me Elmo:

@elmo said in Tickle me Elmo:

thoughts and edits is what I'm asking for

I think that is a list of Vintage legal cards.

4 lotus petal is not legal

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Always love reading about 2 card monte.

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A Quiet Place is the only "scary movie" my mother has sat through in a long time. I liked it too, -good movie!